Notes on Money

With the recent demonetization drive there is a big hue and cry about the difficulties faced by everyone. How food vendors are not able to transact, how college goers are not able to drink their favorite chai at their canteens, or how the shaguns , at marriage functions have switched over to cheques instead of cash being distributed.

The naysayer politicos join hands and march against the drive, and the media journos  supporting these ideologies search for people , and only those people , who are against the change. What this does, is nothing but generating mass consensus from something that in reality was nothing.

What they don’t know or realize or worse, don’t want to know, is what is the other alternative to stop money channels flowing into the terrorist coffers? They don’t realize by playing on sentiments they could actually bring about a riot. All it takes is a stray incident caused by paid goons and then hell breaks lose.

I mean really, is the opposition thinking of bringing down the government by this strategy? Is that it? Or is it more like, lets try and see how far it goes, who knows we’ll get something our of it. or are they under severe pressure from those with hoards of black money, pressurizing them to wriggle out a situation where they can breathe easy?

The incestuous  relationship in that fabric of the society is stained with crime and mutual benefit. Its a classic “ringa-ringa” roses…and all fall down.!  So what’s better than to give it a final push and explore an escape route somehow somewhere? Who is worried with terrorism and soldiers dying when crores are stashed under the bed?

Yes, demonetization has had its fair share of execution problems. No doubt. for example did the government not calculate the number of ATM’s that would need recalibrations? Was altering the size of currency needed? And if needed, then why not have a detailed execution plan in place? Or were you worried that it would leak out and people would get a whiff of the master plan ahead of time and play around the system?

I’m sure there is no dearth of talent that can formulate a granular plan of execution in the government. Or is there a deeper darker reason we don’t know about. You know, at this point I’d hope it is a deeper darker reason rather than knowing that it was a stupid or silly reason, that they could have easily solved. Let some unknowns be unknowns.

To the media, is your only job to instigate an uprising? Sometimes, is  too much to ask to let go off yor TRP worries and calm the country down? Pacify the people to hang in there and mature the audience? Or do you think that is impossible? If you can rake up a storm, you should be able to calm the nerve as well, balanced journalism is a sign of a true media house. Just look at the major news networks NDTV , CNNnews18 , Timesnow – all harping on the same topic.

And finally, the people, the “am-junta” – the common man, woman, or the third gender, Yes of course it is difficult – now stay calm will you? Its okay, you are not choking to death – its a matter of a few weeks of sacrifice not an eternal fight. Its not as if your life before demonetization was a bed of roses that you have suddenly hit the thorns right? Bear with it.

Think of the good this will do to our nation. Think of those soldier who keep getting butchered by terrorists. Think of the stone that hit them in the eye. Think of the looters who bring our country a bad name globally by way of black money. Think of what will happen to the economy if all or even a part of this black money gets pumped back in to the economy.


There are a lot of people who sacrifice for you, its time you did some sacrifice for your country, and this does not cost lives, think of the soldier who needed one more second to press send on his mobile phone to let his family know he was okay, but the shrapnel beat him to it. He had all the patience but no time,

and you, you have all the  time, and all it needs is patience!