Objective Cricket

Objectivity is not everyone’s forte I guess.Especially for a blinded emotional cricket enthusiast.
But that notwithstanding -The likes of RD and his ilk are all sailing in the same boat.Just like everyone else, everyone has a “sell-by” date…the right time to stop.
This in no way undermines their previous efforts.Or reduces their respect,and trivialize their vast contribution over the years.
if anything it enhances our respect for their efforts for so many years under multiple difficult situations and circumstances.
If you look at it purely objectively – If cracking a double hundred on a crumbling pitch in SA was a great effort – then be reminded that is their “job”. They get paid for it.They re not doing anyone a favour.Millions of dollars are invested on these cricketers and it’s only fair to expect a ROI, isn’t it, and not just monetarily but also from winning for the country standpoint. When playing for the country , it should be victory at any cost, even if it means questioning a senior pro – after all no one is above the game or country !
Now circle back to your job – assuming you were a top performer – but of late you consistently missed your team goals,delivery,number whatever, would your manager think twice to keep you on board? Guess not. Every single minute you breathe would be evaluated.You would be reminded of the impending new hire at lower cost or how your counterpart is still going great guns.
Smart people,realize that they re reaching the plateau phase of their “bell-curve” and seek to either create a new bell-curve or exit before being exited.
What I agree is that it cannot be varying from one individual to another.
Dada should not be singled out – if he was being questioned then so should RD or Sachin….
IMHO dada is a smart person.He came back to prove his point.He did.
Let us stop the debate on whether he had a couple of years left or not.
Cricket,is a serious business in India – has to be treated like one. Practicality should outweigh emotions.
Get real,and move on.

Your Thoughts?

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