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When things go right – it passes off so smoothly and so quickly that you almost take it for granted. Your questions therefore are around what more, what else?, why not that? so on and so forth.

When things go wrong all you do is think what went wrong, why did it go wrong, why now and most of all- why me ? The element of self pity is very high and negativity is lurking under the garb of practicality.

When positivity goes over board it turns into arrogance and over confidence.Everything seems to be falling in place, what you touch turns to gold,what you say is sold.There is an element of ignorance lurking somewhere and that eventually leads to your downfall.

When negativity goes overboard it turns into cynicism and criticism and even fatalism.Everything and everyone around your system is working against you.Everyone is out to get you and you think you can trust no one.Deep inside you are confused but shut up those questions with loads of negativity.

So then the struggle in life is to balance these extremes in either circumstances.not too get too negative when things go wrong, and not to get over confident or arrogant when everything is working for you.

Certainly, it is easier said than done.So lets try to come up with a few points to keep us in check at all times.

When things are not working out for you –

  1. Keep calm.
  2. Keep being objective.
  3. Break down the problem.
  4. Divide into what you can and cannot control.
  5. Stop worrying about what you cannot control.
  6. Stop questioning every damn thing.
  7. Instead focus on how to rebuild.
  8. Restore faith little by little.
  9. Live each day, by the hour if need be.
  10. Dont plan too far ahead.
  11. Discipline yourself…consistently.
  12. Emerge positive every single day.

When things are going in your favor –

  1. Don’t forget where you came from.
  2. Dont let indiscipline creep in.
  3. Balance over-confidence with humility.
  4. Remember to see from other’s eyes.
  5. Re-align your goals.
  6. Split your risks.
  7. Watch out for threats.
  8. Find new opportunities.
  9. Eliminate remaining weaknesses.
  10. Expect the unexpected.
  11. Whats your plan B?
  12. Help someone going through a bad time.

You know this list is certainly not exhaustive, one can go on and on, but the point I am trying to make is to keep striving to find that balance no matter what your real situation is.It will help you view your life with a different perspective.

Your Thoughts?

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