Origin of Equality.

Let me give you two thoughts to think about.

Man and Woman. Or should I say woman and man ?  At least one, of the religious books certainly says that Man was created first.

First come first served ,therefore has a deeper meaning in our lives isnt it? There are so many messages in that phrase. It can be interpreted in so many ways.

  • First – the origin,the beginning,the start,or the one who reached first,or perhaps one should get it first.
  • First Come – maybe it means , at least first get there, or reach first, or came first.
  • First Come First – distinction is made first always comes first, like success begets more success.It could also mean a prioritizing order.
  • First Come First Served – therefore if you get there first,you get the most,or the best,or the right to have it first.And that some one will serve you.

Now connect the two thoughts. I am sure there are many phrases and counter phrases favoring man and woman alike. What then, is the origin of equality? Is it measured by who got more phrases? Or is it something else? Let me take you to pre-historic times,to ancient times,when man and woman lived in caves.

The situation needed a protector and a hunter. One to go out there and hunt, and one to protect what is left behind.Other than the obvious physical ability to suit the roles, I do not see any other reason why the woman chose not to go hunting and the man chose to stay at home.Now then the inequality lay in the physicality of it all right at the origin.Why is that? Why were two human beings,the common denominator, made equal in all respect ? Why were they mean to be complimentary in their ability and skill sets? That is exactly where all disparity started.

There must be a reason and the day we get clarity we will know.As we evolved from apes to human beings,only some pockets of societies in the world have evolved mentally.Rest are competing to get back to their origins.The equality of it all is lost somewhere in the middle. Realistically, I am not sure if we ever will be able to settle the equality score, but nothing stops us from being sensible and sensitive.Nothing stops us from keeping our ego’s behind and consider humanity as a first option.Equality will take care of itself in the process.

This also means that we should not celebrate a mother’s day and a father’s day separately! Equality begins at home.!




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