Party-otrism – India

Patriotism in India is best left to the parties.

  • The Uber Class Party :
    • Yes, politics in India is best discussed over a single malt at a party.People actually speak up.Some of them even make a lot of senses.People get emotional and philosophical.They pay taxes,huge taxes, as a part of their national contribution.Its their bit towards patriotism.Of course not to forget the NGO contribution tucked in somewhere.Discussions range from dogs to the country or vice versa.Their heads are in perfect synchronicity.Then call it a night.
    • Mornings however,present a different story. Its back to working for myself time, who cares what happens to the country.Its back to lets all nod our heads time after reading newspaper,then back to my presentation time.Its a smile to see page 3 and then get back to facebook time.Most of the uber class raised eyebrows crowd will perhaps correlate a few points to whats happening on the Economic Times or the Financial times about the country’s development. Patriotism,however will resurface again next weekend.
  • The Middle Class Party :
    • The metro ride back home was strewn with words like push,shove, armpits and jostle….not in a  particular frequency or order.Thinking about the boss, the client and the girl or boy as the case maybe..or both…and the common patriotic point ? Well they were all from the same country! They will remember all the road detours, the ground excavations and the log jams. Will they remember the country ? Oh yes every single day.
    • Neighbours get together or family goes to a nearby mall – watches a mass appeal movie like Chennai Express and has a good laugh about national integration. “2 States” and “Kick” are also about patriotism in some sense isn’t it? After doing their bit for the country, ie by purchasing those movie tickets they head back home to the Old monk. The television serials also show so much patriotism these days and in fact show how well the country is doing economically.Every “Saas” or “Bahu” is decked head to toe in designer wear.The real estate is booming – the cars are fancy.India is shining!Patriotism will resurface again when there is a Cricket match, especially with Pakistan, and or a gang rape somewhere in the country.

So you see friends, fellow patriots,Patriotism is alive and kicking in India.Enjoy it till the country or the party lasts.

Jai Hind Sight.


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