Patternless Parenting

Parenting was not easy before,it is not easy now, and by the looks of it , will not be easy tomorrow.

Just the other day we were having a discussion about the anomalies of parenting.It is so patternless , so unpredictable that in most cases what goes certainly doesnt come out as expected.


Picture this – A very successful couple,academically brilliant, the ones they call “pedigree” in the street, they had everything planned for their  son right till PHD from Nursery.

It was all going to plan, until the bloke reached Grade X – and broke the news to his family, that all he wanted to do was paint.He wanted to be a painter. I will not delve into what happened to the parents psyche thereafter, I guess you get the drift.


Next case  – A set of parents who had never been academically brilliant, no pedigree, yet the father went on to become one of the most successful corporate big wigs.His claim to fame came from his street-smartness.He was extremely sharp and his analytical capability to read a situation and turn it to favor him was legendary.He had all the “Gyan” in the world and he made people’s lives turn around.His disciples worshipped him and thanked him and were indebted to him for his guidance.


His child, took to “hippyhood” and went on to join a small time rock band.He has not surfaced ever since. The kid was particularly good and smart but somehow somewhere something must’ve touched his mind for him to take this path.The irony of it all, is he was the sole inheritor of all the wisdom yet he could not make the most of it while others around him did.The other irony might be, and I wish perhaps it is, that if he goes on to  make it big in the International music circuit.Who knows tomorrow he might be the best rock star the entertainment business has ever seen. He certainly will have the last laugh.


Next case – The average couple , working in a regular company, slowly but surely graduating into the upper middle class strata, bring up their child with “we-will-support-you”  mindset.They let the kid be.They give him space.They give him freedom to speak his mind.

Guess what ? He does, and fails miserably.He messes up his career, education and more importantly his mind.No he did not become an alcoholic or abuse drugs, but he just became a confused child .At one point – he lamented  “if only my folks would have given some guidance” !


while the above cases reflect how the right intention has not worked, I will certainly add, that there are enough instances in history where the right instances have worked.That is why the world is still spinning.And the very fact that it has worked and not worked at the same time, it makes parenting the most difficult job of all time.

What say folks?





4 thoughts on “Patternless Parenting

  1. parenting is tough & more so because it’s unpredictable. now that i have a 5 year old daughter i am beginning to understand what my parents have gone through 🙂

    i had seen you at the blogger meet & liked your intro. Ban all Gyan – hahah
    first time to your blog.

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