Judge Mentally Yours

Mismatched expectations lead to being judgmental.Often times you operate with a preconceived notion of a someone, someplace or something and when it does not fit that description you tend to form a firmer negative perception.Add to that,the lack of time in our lives to give it a second thought, or impatience or even plain carelessness. All add up to an opinion in your mind which is far from reality.

Its easy to be judgmental about people around you. Gestures or body language add up to a lot of miscommunication, and then cultural mismatches and of course nothing beats sheer ignorance. At the interview you get distracted by the mouse pad comment and stop looking at the eyes of the interviewer , or hearing the clanking in the kitchen when your best friend is trying to say something important, or looking away to catch a glimpse of the match summary on television when your partner just wants some attention.

Another typical expectation mismatch happens when people expect you to say hello completely ignoring your pressed timelines, or when you are back from a travel, they would expect you to come and give a full update. Yes, while some these is normal , but if you chose to not react in a desired way then it causes a huge negative perception trigger.These are just a few examples from our daily lives which tend to trigger an expectation mismatch.

So the next time you react – give it a second thought and then try to give the benefit of doubt to that person and see if he or she is saying or doing something out of ignorance or by design.

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