Reality TV

Reality TV seems to be the only  adrenalin inducing element in today’s tele-viewing generation.

Just the other day I was watching a dance competition program for kids.By the look of it the kids looked no older than 10 years & the people judging the show were no younger than 40! You know sometimes I feel what happens to these kids once limelight leaves them? What happens to their innocence? How do they re-blend back into regular monotony of life? School and studies and homework and PT regime?  How do the people around them react?

I can guess, and I know I wont be too far off the mark,when I say, that these kids at every function they visit , every birthday party they attend , they will be asked to “perform” whether they like it or not , whether they want it or not.But who cares? Who’s listening to them? Are their parents sensitive enough? Or are they basking in  their wards reflective glory.?

The popular argument has been that everyone gets a chance to showcase their talent.Imagine a 5 year old girl from the unheard(well, for most) Berhampore – a small town in district of murshidabad, make it to the big stage or the lanky  youngster from Shillong, or the innocent voice from a small insignificant town in Gujarat – all making it to the national television.

How many of us are thinking of their future after the relaity show is over.Whether they win or not, is immaterial, their innocence is lost.Who is accountable for that? People watch, some actually belive the fiction to be reality,and for the rest,they just ridicule the episode and dismiss it as crass programming on TV.Rarely,or probably never, nobody thinks for the innocence lost.

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