Ri(s)kshaw Wala & Gandhi.

Its a risky business driving on the roads of Bangalore.Today a Rickshaw grazed the rear door of my car. Being a high end car it would cost me in th vicinity of 20k to get the thing redone completely.

But this is not about that. Heres what happened.

We pulled over the car after the scratch and on inspecting the damage I asked the driver what was he planning to do about it?  His first reaction was that of aggression. He took the attach is the best defense approach.Went off on a  long monologue on how it was my fault not indicating that I was turning left and how ignorant I was. I kept quiet. Gave me a few lessons on maintaining traffic rules ! He went on for some more time before realising there was no response from me.

He calmed down and said what could he have possibly done ? Strategy number two – sympathy. He said Ia m a poor man – if you ask me to pay 25k I will die.My family will suffer and my time is bad right that it couldnt get any worse.  I was still quiet. Then came forward his brethern.Fellow autodrivers.As is the norm – the proverbial evil rich guy in the car versus us poor people syndrome – they took to strategy number three.

Go ahead and do what you want. this is hardly a scratch doesnt matter – we’ll see what the police does. That really got to me. I said – well then lets go to the nearest police station.He get the police here,I am not going anywhere.These people only make such empty threats – police can’t do anything to us. That pissed me off big time.

The main culprit was quiet but his peers were more daring because they had nothing to lose.It was true – no  cops came in spite of the fact we spent 20m ins bang in the middle of a busy main road near a junction arguing nor  did any passerby car stopped to defend a fellow car mate. However had the reverse been true, I can guarantee you that at least 20 auto rickshaw drivers would have encircled you and threatened with dire consequences.

So I wonder, who’s to blame? Is there no dignity left with the police wala that he has to also listen and feign ignorance to auto drivers? Or is he so hand in glove that he has lost all respect? Or is the union of auto drivers above the law of the land.?You know the reality of our society is there is no unity. there can never be a situation where the citizens get together to strike against the autos.

Imagine if the entire citizens of a  city protest against this common “menace” consistently for a few days – they are bound to come to terms.But what are the odds of that happening? Nil. Instead – week on week , people go on complaining , the rickshaw driver keeps on doing what he does and cops keep on listening to these  every woes. Everyone has perhaps already reached a numbing point. A point in indifference where nothing really matters until it fancies the media to spiral it out of proportion.

When was the last time NDTV or a CNNIBN or Timesnow ever questioned the authorities on public transportation anomalies.? You get to read more in your local daily newspaper about incidents that happened – but never or rarely their action or resolutions. The volume game is our biggest problem as too few people are trying to solve too many things. If we increase that number by even 50% – chances are that we might see a major revolution in our everyday life.

Revolution and us ? naah its best left to people like Mr.Gandhi. We just need to worry about our lives and let the world work itself out.  It is unfortunate that few people like  Gandhiji realised that “we are the people.” We are the society. We are the ones who are screwing it up.Therefore by the same logic we are the people who can solve it. We are the same people who can fix it. We are the people who can stand up and do something about it.

The question is when?  Will you wait till  the national system to crash?  Are you waiting to Dec 21 2012 for a new start? or Are you waiting for a miracle? What s the trigger you are looking for? Is it only when you get hurt?

So get up and get going.Dont wait to do something good.Go ahead and do it. Instead of queuing up for a grand party and stocking up your bar for a dry day – go out there and make a difference to your world you society around you. Make the change you will be proud of instead of hoping for – and some day when you look back on your materialistically successful life,you will realise those are the moments that you cherish the most.

Lets observe a minute of silence for the Great mantomorrow and do at least one thing for the society. If anyone of you who reads this and has done something about it – please leave a comment – otherwise let their be no comment at all. Either ways it will be an answer and a reflection of our lives…

4 thoughts on “Ri(s)kshaw Wala & Gandhi.

  1. Hi Gyan. Lovely piece. I agree entirely with you. We need to bring that change ourselves, not shift responsibility. What did I do? I observed silence in respect for that great man. And continue to be what I am – non violent and more determined to bring about changes however small, in my own little way. Jai Hind!

  2. I agree to what you say but I feel one does not need a revolution. Each one can do his part to help improve our society in any way we can. I go and visit an elderly beggar woman regularly. I sit and ask about her well being and help her in any way I can. I believe actions speak louder than words.

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