Sach is Life


Every now and then there comes along a person who stands up tall irrespective of his stature. So tall, that everyone looks up to him. So tall that he towers over others.yet so humble that it almost embarrasses you. So down to earth that it reminds you of  every reaction you did on your successes, so simple that it puts your sophistication to shame.And then you wonder what is life. Then you think what all have you been doing all your life to standup tall ? You question and you ponder and then you just sit back with a lump in your throat and salute this little man.Sachin Tendulkar.

Fanatic fan following,for the last 24 years, people praying for him,with him,crying with him,laughing with him,dreaming with him, fearing with him and then overcoming fear with him.The nation rose and fell silent , the nation united the common man found pride,the world stopped to turn around and look – and every single heart skipped a beat when he was affected. Just like a mexican wave, hopes rode millions of crests and troughs right through the last two decades.

When was the last time you read an article when the writer only spoke about the person’s impact to a nation rather than the reason for his greatness? I am not alone, I am just a small part of a really big world of  Sachin Tendulkar fans. I feel privileged to be a part of the same generation and to have him as a part of my vocabulary growing up.

…and I haven’t even spoken about his game,skill or records in Cricket…after all Sach is Life!





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