Salut Soldier

the air is filled with emotion,

the noise is filled with commotion,

It  really is about my devotion,

to walk back to the wicket,

to play what I love,cricket.

as I opened my eyes to see,

what lay ahead of me,

a choice to live it up,

or simply give it up,

the hand pains,

the neck is strained,

the head is pounding,

the heartbeats thudding,

they asked me not to,

they cared for me too,

they never expected,

they just supported,

my whole life evolved,

my soul absolved,

my mind took a decision,

my heart followed with passion,

it was not for all and sundry,

I had to do it for my country,

I had to do it for my team,

who believed in the same dream,

I took the ball again,

oblivious to the voice of pain,

I knew he was the jewel in the tiara,

and I bowled to Lara.

what happened next,I cannot say,

I took his wicket they say,

many compliments poured in,

but it is not about me you see,

India is above you and me.

Gyanban thoughts  – there are many moments that Anil Kumble has done India proud,But this one stands out in my mind,as a sign of supreme dedication,pride,and feelings the man has for his country,his team,his sport.

Mervyn Dillon,a West Indian fast bowler hit Anil on the head.the injury was nasty,he had a broken jaw. I had a tear in my eye, when I saw him come out to play after lunch.He took Brian Lara’s wicket….and even if he had not, it would still be a great moment.

It reminded me what a country means to a man…and what I mean to mine? It was more than a sport highlight for me, it was a moment I connected with my country…and I am guessing so did a billion people.


Your Thoughts?

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