Shockingly, News

I am guessing most would have read the title as Shocking News.Then figured it was not shocking, but shockingly. Good. That was the intention. To attract an eyeball or two. So let us experiment with some  titles :

  • Safe Haven Found: 100 people went for a pollution-free morning walk.
  • Safe Haven Found: Drug dealers rave party hideout exposed.
  • Politicians Day out: He walked with children and played with the underprivileged.
  • Politicians Day out: He abused the underprivileged wreaking havoc in their minds.
  • Celebrating Diversity: People discussed ways to improve diversity quotient.
  • Celebrating Diversity: Celebrity tears off the sleeve to reveal colored armpits.

If these were links, the temptation for the majority would be to check out the 2nd option first. The majority is the operative word here. We are conditioned to see something disturbing and unnatural that normal seems boring.

Turns out, our conditioning is a chicken and egg story. Some say, because society has become debauched in general, its what the majority like to see , debauchery. Some say, showing debauchery consistently, conditions the mind accordingly. Money is made when there is a majority captive audience.

And it is not restricted to news channels. Each one of us is guilty, provided you think it is wrong, in attracting attention. It starts with the way we dress, the choice of words we use, the books we write, the movies we make, the email subject line we carefully articulate, the blog titles we create, it all falls under advertising.

We advertise. To be seen.To be heard. To be read. To exist. There are very few in this world who will not fear getting lost into anonymity, forgotten into oblivion, ignored into non-existence, by choice.

The sad part is, it is happening without anyone’s approval or doing because there are more people, more issues, more news every day. So either you shape up or ship out is the underlying message everywhere.

For those, who love it, are doing it well, and is working superbly , they are not complaining. They will brand you as whiners.Cribbers. Losers. Their definition is, winning is what is defined by their definition of victory not yours. Would you argue if the majority thought so as well?

This is our world.We live by the majority rules. So if the majority watches trash news coverage, we can chose to turn off the television ,but cannot be hypocritical about TV news showing crass content to attract eyeballs, as wrong as it may sound, as long as it is legal, they can do so.

Unless  of course you come up with a revolution to change the culture of the country or create a mass consensus about your line of philosophy which can be monetized.


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