State of growth

With the Rio Olympics round the corner, it struck me if nations can compete for sport then why can’t they compete for growth? Scale might be the issue perhaps, or may be it might not even be a level playing ground for some one the most under developed nations.

The solution is to categorize according to current economic bracket. Which in some sense already exists, like they classify India under BRIC nations emerging markets category. So these four nations could compete on pre agreed rules of competition and if they didn’t agree, then the money would be withdrawn.

So if you significantly increase the stake, then there could be a greater intent to participate and win. In order to achieve this, the individual nations could introduce a similar competition within their states.

So let’s take India as an example. Step one would be to stack rank all the states basis one or two criteria which could be independently measured and evaluated. Post that, a finite time frame to achieve a set of tasks. And then finally the evaluation.

The winning state could get richer by additional funding for economic development. This in turn would make the Nation more developed over time.

The point is, we as citizens are always in some competition or the other, we are constantly being evaluated and we are constantly improving by this design. The sum of all parts makes a whole nation isn’t it? If we can pull this off in a few states, and set an example,then the rest will follow hook line and sinker.

Ocam’s Razor.








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