Enjoy the Struggle

Imagine our society if everything was free, readily available, nobody needed to fight for anything, kill for anything, then would there be no crime? Imagine having everything given to you on a platter  – would you value it?  Imagine not having to struggle to get something – would you enjoy it? Would people get used to “availability” and therefore not crave it anymore? If there were no scarcity of resources in this world, what a world would it would be isn’t it?


Life would be monotonous and extremely boring.What makes life interesting is the struggle to to achieve something and get there with your handwork and efforts.With nothing to look forward to the idle mind would find ways to break the system.Everlasting love, peace and happiness is something people don’t value.They take it for granted.Doing the same thing every single day without any driver or motivation would be extremely mundane.

Therefore,we need to appreciate what we have, even if it less than ideal, less than perfect and less than desirable.Appreciate what you have,value it and work hard to get more if you so desire.Enjoy the struggle to get it, only then you will love the achievement.You will value it more if you have really worked hard for it. It si critical not to lose hope or faith in this journey.Struggle need not be a negative emotion.It could be a huge learning curve and embracing it with positivity will go a long way in building your character.

Staying positive during a  struggle is not very difficult to achieve, here’s what you can do –

  1. Keep it simple. – When the wall seems to high to climb, do the basics right.Take small steps to build the ladder, give yourself a time frame to build those steps.Check mark all the efforts that need to be done to overcome the hurdle in that period of time.If for some reason it does not work out,don’t lose hope, find a new road.
  2. Be Fearless. – Very often in life we fear the end result.We keep thinking of the iff’s and buts that may come in the way or the result.Its important to be fearless while you try to do what is right.Don’t fear people or the process. Having conviction in one’s ability goes a long way to attain growth, prosperity and success.
  3. Be persistent. giving up is not an option. Be smart about trying something.Having tenacity helps the cause.Most people fear the rigmarole that comes with tenacity, the pressure to be consistent over a period of time.So be objective about your efforts and pace it well.
  4. Be honest. Be honest with yourself.Be honest with the effort.Be honest with the struggle, don’t shove it under the carpet thinking,someway ,somehow it will work itself out.Face it,deal with it and get going.You are the best help you can get.No one understands you better than yourself.
  5. Be positive. – Becoming cynical is easy.Finding a fault in everything is easy.and guess what,the more you find things that are wrong,the more they multiply.Try finding the bright spot.Believe in it.Don’t get sucked into the nay Sayers and cynics predicament, its a deep hole to come out of.Stay away and be positive.

While I am sure there are 100 other things one can do to enjoy struggle,I guess you get the drift with these 5! Mostly people say seeing is believing but sometimes in life you have first got to believe to see it happen.So stop worrying start believing in your dream and enjoy the struggle….till it lasts.



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