Television Morality

The kind of cuts the censor folks are doing now a days, its not far when the entire country will only get to watch Pogo and Chota Bheem  all the time!  Why even Chota Bheem has skin show, considering the fact that even Chota Bheem does not wear a shirt.Watch as much as you can ,they just might take it off air.

So now,we have a situation where we cannot view any movie or serial without cuts. Nobody cares if plot relevance, continuity, character sketch or even screenplay gets messed up. The “cutters” believe they hold the right to cut what they want completely ignoring what the audience wants.

The common argument is of course that the mass or the majority audience doesn’t mind these cuts or maybe even wants it.It helps protect the Indian culture. So by that logic it implies that minorities have no say in what they want to watch even though they are paying the same amount of money to he cable TV operators!

What authorities don’t understand is that this moral policing will only give rise to a rebel. Rebel in forms of piracy, hacks and breaks. More and more people are going to shift to the pirated version of the serial to see the original content. As it is piracy is rampant and is eating up the movie business like a termite. Now you open another channel !

While there were many fans of Bold and Beautiful or Santa Barbara, I think that set had gotten monotonous and boring.There was a need to have edgy, dark deep rooted stories to make the audience sit up and take interest.Mainstream entertainment needed to push the envelope .

I think that started with The Sopranos back then , and more recently with  Californication, or  Breaking Bad and since then it has pushed the envelope every year or two .But with the advent of The Game of Thrones its set for next gen mature adult content.vIt would be such a shame if House of Cards or Game of Thrones  is aired in their Indian edit versions. The essence of the complexity will be lost.

Remember there is always a choice to not watch it if you don’t like it. So I can understand if some people do not identify with the nudity or provocative content of these tele series. Its okay. We won’t judge you, just the way you shouldn’t judge us.Remember somebody’s pig is someone’s bacon!




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