The Interviewer.

We have often heard, and probably been nervous while giving an interview.

But what about the interviewer? Is there a chance he is nervous as well ? What are the different types of interviewers and how do they react?  Are they always the best people to judge a candidate? the answer is a big  NO. Let me tell you, however impossible this might sound it is true. There are many reasons for this.Lets look at some of them here.

  • Insecure interviewer – typically, low life creatures, who are only in this position because there is no one else to do the spade work.They are forever doubting every word you say.If you are spirited in your interview they think you are over confident ! – they try to benchmark how they have led their lives in the organization and try to see how close or how far the incumbent candidate is from that benchmark. they are deeply insecure about their lives/roles and positions and do this job very reluctantly, and are mostly irritated.
  • I-know-best-Interviewer – typically these type of ignorant interviewers are the ones who think their knowledge is the best.They have been acknowledged by other similar low life’s in the company, and this leads them to believe that they have arrived,and obviously know the best.Therefore when a candidate comes up with a smarter answer,they tend to get thrown off a bit, and revert with either aggression or sarcasm.
  • 10 second Interviewer – they typically have been doing this for a long time,and work on the theory that 10 seconds is what it takes to know a candidate.They claim a high hit rate or conversion rate with this theory.Some even go on to say that out of every 100 candidates they interview,90 of them fall under the theory.They might falter on a few occasions but thats acceptable, considering the time pressure to deliver a good candidate to the organization is always on.These people are challenged when one of those 10 they rejected turns out to be a superstar material in another department.Yes, these are rare cases,but they do happen.And this makes them react with words like – “just wait and watch,i ll give him 6months to get fired, such nerds who hired him” blah blah blah.
  • Process interviewer – “Tell me about your education from class 10.” or “your grades seem to have gone down from first year to last year of college.” tell me about yourself. etc etc. they are the ones who have a very stereotypical approach to hiring.I wouldn’t be surprised if their resume read Name,Age,sex,Fathers name,mothers name…. you get the drift.They re the dumb blondes of the hiring organization.They can ask a senior level candidate and elementary question.Or even send a job requirement to a person in the same company.!They are always nervous,internally.They never show it unless shouted at.Sadly, such interviewing skills are prevalent at top management levels as well.And they form a company with similar low life… and that’s why so many companies, in spite of doing the right thing still don’t make the cut.

I am sure the list is longer and the point is listless.As a candidate when you bump into such people – stay calm and mirror him.Your job is to get past that hurdle.Take it up as a challenge.You know in the long run, it is not going to be the survival of the fittest…it is going to be the survival of the most adaptable.

Your Thoughts?

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