The Opposite Democracy

In a country of more than 1.2Bn people, there will be opinions. The trouble is getting those opinions on one side of the park. But if you do that, then the act itself becomes dictatorial in nature. If you force people to conform  to one particular idea it can and will lead to unrest. If you are inclusive and accommodating then the debate is never ending and each has an interpretation of her/ his own – which mostly leads to an impasse. Yet a zero sum game does not solve the problem either.

Everybody has a point. Its their truth. You cannot deny that right just because you do not conform to that truth however concocted it might be. You can perhaps contest it by way of factual ,objective and undisputed data. Unfortunately that too is not possible at all times specially in matters of religion and faith. Its somebody’s central belief system you are challenging. And then there are those who take advantage of the situation for personal gain. It becomes  a big challenge to separate those who are genuine about the cause vis a vis those who are just piggybacking to enhance their own agenda.

This is the challenge that most leaders face in todays world.

How do you decide what is right and what is wrong? There is an element of mass consensus. There is an element of socio-political imbalance. There is an element of common sense. Yet who is to judge what the right common sense is? Your common sense or mine? Who is to decide which logic to follow? Yours or mine? But if you say they are merely opinions, then is there an agreement on what defines logic? Is there a framework which defines what needs to be done in difficult situations?

The constitutions around the world need to modernize and update to modern predicaments and draw a common consensus on sensitive issues around the world. Much better than doing crisis management isn’t it? The law of the land is supreme and cannot be challenged by a few individuals. So are we ready for a revolution then?