The Opposite Life

Life is about opposites.

When you were in school you wondered what liberty adulthood would bring. When you were in your forties, you reminisced  the good ‘ol school days many an evening, with a solitary single malt.

When you were in college, you craved a high flying job and the glamor and prestige that came with it.When you were in the job, you saw so many just like you,running the same race,and the glamor and prestige really took a backseat.

When you were a front line manager, you often wondered, what do these bosses know? What do they really do ? Other than of course review your work and strut around delegating. Then when you became a boss, you realised,that your happiness depended on ten other people and your inbox was a perpetually ticking time bomb.

When you had a hectic job, you felt you were always underappreciated, and the fact that you could have done so much more on your own. You would’ve made so much difference if you had more freedom.  When you had so much freedom with your own company you missed having the security of experimenting on someone elses money!

When you had your company small but profitable,you missed having capital to make it huge.You thought crawl, walk and run would take so much time,if only a venture cap guy came along and funded you for ten million dollars you could show the world what the product or service could do.  When you had a multi-million dollar company you missed having the flexibility to change processes,people, and technology.

And so, the list goes on.

The idea therefore, would be to take each step as it comes,without being too much into the future. I know in times of extreme planning, this might sound odd.However, I do believe it is as important to be in the moment as it is to be in the future.

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