The World Remade 2.0

Dear all,

just wanted to share the email trail between a Creator and the programmer.





“So tell me again, why do want to remake the world?”

“Errm Godji, to be honest,there are too many bugs in the system, its time we rebooted you know, and launched a fresh instance of World 2.0″.

“What you insolent , impertinent fool, you are doubting my creation?”

“O Godji, don’t get mad at me, I have data to prove my point – all log files in place.”

“What log files are you talking about?”

“All those bugs in the system are slowing it down and it frequently crashes”.

“Crashes? How can my system crash? Its been running for years…”.

“Ah take MH370,  your system had a major error there Sir…Madam Godji. All 227 passengers and the crew just got deleted.I can’t retrieve the crash file even till today.The bug persisted with another Malysian Airlines flight as well.This time all was burned and broken. How many more crashes do you need me to prove Sir …errm Madam?”

“Hmm that slipped my mind, just oo many things happening at the same time. But barring that aberration everything is just fine, right?”

“Err no Godji,  file is corrupted. Folders on Gang Rape,Serial killers and Murders need new folders and files is so big it perhaps needs a new hard drive. All of this is trickling into the good data and crashing the system”.

“What is good data?”

“Good data are a set of people who are mostly victims of bad data. They have no place to hide. The file is over capacity – there is no space.So they are pretty much isolated files left on the desktop often subject virus attacks and Trojans which compounds the problems.”

“Oh  I didn’t know that – its just that I keep getting billions of requests each day about more money,more fame , more glory, more virgins, more sex, more of more, but with the limited budget I have, I cannot grant it to all you know, it has to be spaced out”.

“Now that would not make you a favorite with Al Qaeda,ISIS or even Boko Haram – so you can save budget there, and spare some for good data sets.”

“Hmm to me all are equal cannot be partial , my system is fool proof”.

“That explains the zero sum game, but there is more virus than you can imagine or create.The virus is out there.”

“Well if people do take care of themselves, they will fall sick, its part of the batch file upload.”

Godji ,modern healthcare is being tested in Africa on innocent human guinea pigs as a part of their experiment – that software completely failed to boot and is  in fact going into blue screen every now and then.”

“Oh but I don’t get this news ”

Godji that is paid – this is real”.

“So I have my representatives who will solve this problem – they are good technicians and proficient with the GodFiles.Refer to those instruction manuals as a guiding principle of running the Earth system”

Godji you’ve got to be kidding me – most of your representatives are fighting with each other for their version of Godfile.I keep telling them that the source code is the same, but they won’t listen.Some are even adding attachments to their version of Godfile.exe and loading them with the poor and needy and reprogramming them to execute their version of Godfile with the rest of the world!”

“So it s a security patch that’s all isn’t it? Can download one today”

“In the keyboard of life there is always a finger on the Delete button.Each of your patch files will never reach the intended recipeint.So the net action is zero.”

“You are cynical ”

“That is the power of accurate objective observation”

“So you want to restart the system?”

“Errm not really, because restarting it would mean all the same viruses would come back again”.

“So you want to reinstall a new system?”

“Yes, but retaining the memory files of the old system, without which a new system will again replicate the older version.”

“So what do you want to change other than that”

  1. First up, please provide us a fool proof instant justice file system, to clear up huge pending cases.
  2. Second, a time turner knob (forward or backward) to show consequence and subsequence,like Little Boy was a bad idea…
  3. Third, need to have One source file across the planet, multiple Gadflies creates bugs.

So Godji, now that you have total clarity,can you please give me an approval to go ahead?”


Out of office reply : I am on an extended leave with limited access to emails or phone calls,please expect a delayed or no response to your wishes. Spam curses will be forwarded to the junk box.



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