Remember the times when you sat in the 3 tier compartment wishing you got the window seat?

Remember the sight of the engine leading the long winding train from the S10 coach?

Remember the parallel tracks that reminded you of life passing by?

Remember the stations and the “garam chai” stalls ?

Remember the large family sitting across you ?


Th list can go on and on. Those were the times when a simple train ride would translate to so much fun. The familiar sights and sounds, the romances, the aroma of constant munchies, the rush to occupy a spot to keep your suitcase, the wind in your face.Life is so not cool flying in a low cost no frill airline you know.Yes it certainly gets you there faster but fun ? Guess not.


Let’s not forget the “antkshari” sessions and philosophical debates, the chess games and usual gossips. If you got lucky the 24 hour romance.!The girl on the corner bunk silently smiling.The newspapers fluttering under the overhead fan, one of them not working, and auntyji comes up with magic solution -her black comb ! Voila it works.!


The porters and their badges, the ticket collector and his sheets.The endless requests for berths and seats. The cool dark glasses of the AC coaches.The cramped washroom and the blue passage lights.The glow in the dark, the delays in front of the stations and if you were lucky, your bogies would be shunted and change direction.! Pure glee!


I miss those moments and those times,when simplicity meant so much more fun.

5 thoughts on “Trains

  1. Well, I am still lucky to be able to travel by train. And I love it!! Trains are my preferred mode of transport as they give me the time and joy to laze around for the whole day and night without being guilty about it

  2. aaaah, nostalgic indeed…the time when just being with a set of friends was good enough for fun and you did not need anything else…today there is technology, gadgets, friends, resources…but no time and a lost sense of the joy of small things… 😦

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