True Lies

Every lie has a moment of truth in it. Its called belief.Its when the belief gets tested,tormented and proven wrong, that truth transforms in to a lie – which is the new truth.

History is replete with instances where supreme belief has lead to catastrophe and glory alike.World War II for example.Someones ultimate truth was somebody’s biggest lie.In between these belief systems so many innocent souls lost their life and history of mankind changed.Yet we never came to a conclusion about the fates of truth and lies, but belief still prevails on either mind.

If you plot this thought in your life gone by so far,you will realise all those times you believed something truly,deeply,madly, was a lie for someone else simultaneously.Therefore truth and lies coexist perhaps at the same time.They manifest from person to person,revealing to some,hiding from some,ignoring some and hurting some.Every right decision you have taken in your life has some belief attached to it,hence the action.Whether at a later point it is labeled as true or false, genius or disaster becomes immaterial.

It is therefore imperative for us to find our belief.Whet it by our heart and action it with full of energy.So that your mind body and soul are in harmony.In synch.Repeat this process every time you start worrying about the consequences of truth and lies, victory and defeat,glory and shame,day or night.Free yourself. Immerse yourself in the act of  executing your belief.Pure play. And then move on to the next belief.



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