The Origin of Truth

If you read any newspaper,or an online digital publication about current affairs one thing is common.Violence.

It seems to me that people are perpetually offended,irritated,agitated,devasted, and there is nothing that can undo this. The world has more or avenges and revenges than forgiveness and peace.So where did we lose it? Is there a moment in time which can be pin pointed as a trigger point of losing it? Where do we begin ?

I guess right from Adam and Eve. God was perhaps the first person,if I may call Him that, to get upset.He was the first one to get irritated or agitated.Was it a sense of revenge that he banished them from Eden ? Or take Hindu mythology. In Ramayana,it is an element of revenge quite fundamentally that triggers the whole story.So getting upset is pretty much entrenched in the gene pool for generations.

Wars were fought,lives were lost,relationships broken all because of a fundamental instinct.And that’s what has continued ever since,of course  in various ways and forms,or shall I say various weapons and strategies.So then if we cannot ascertain or point a precise “losing-it” moment in history, why blame mankind today?One might argue that we were less evolved back then,and crimes were less henious.But I say they were equally henious at that point in time.Its only in hindsight we say it was not that big a deal.

Ironically,as we have evolved as a civilization,we have eroded as a collective conscience.

Very rarely that latent quality gets to peek out.Lesser patience,lower tolerance,instant gratification form a heady mix for the cocktail of life.Truly mixed up.So then what is the origin or truth?Single , undeniable,undisputable,single source of truth?Perhaps there is none.Because if it did exist then we have had enough time between Adam’s family and your family to experience it first hand.

But the truth of the matter is that there is no such truth.We just live our lives with our everyday realities,everyday truths and thats it.Each of these daily truths add up to an answer at the end of our lives.



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