Unapologetically Hot

I recently saw this clip  on NDTV and thought what the family must be going through when their wards have to do sexually charged scenes?

Think about Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh when they see Ranbir Kapoor kissing on screen ?

Or think about Vidya Balan’s parents and family watching the movie “Dirty Picture”.Think about Priyanka Chopra doing those bold scenes in “7 khoon mauf” and the list is endless.These are just but recent examples and do not mean to pick any actor in particular.

I am also not being judgmental on if this is good or bad, or whether they should do it or not. The point I am trying to make is the emotions behind it all considering the current fabric of our society or the family.What kind of conversations do these stars have with their family? With the world at large it is somewhat easy – like we keep hearing ~ ” the script needed it” , or ” I think it is creative freedom”  or “only if it is aesthetically done” etc.

But what about family? Do they give the same reasons? How does a father understand that her daughters breasts are the talk of the country.Every lech,pervert,suited or saint will have an eye on them.How does a mother react when she knows every man or woman is fantasizing about her son, who she perpetually thinks is her little innocent child incidentally.?  How do they meet up for dinner ? Do they chose to ignore the conversation ? Do they discuss it objectively?  do they silently justify ” I had no choice”.

How do the parents feel when they meet the ever inquisitive, sarcastic extended families? At the grocery store? Or at the joggers park? Do they walk freely or are they thinking everyone crossing them has the ” I know what  your kid is up to ” look.? What complexities do they get into or deal with on an everyday basis?


There is a justification behind all actions in this world.Only mass consensus determines if they are good or bad.So what one justifies by doing a particular act is one’s will wish ,choice, and in case of art – artistic freedom.

Be unapologetic about your choices.Being an adult by definition means that you have thought through the decision,action and or consequence.If you have chosen to do something – go ahead and do it.Stand up for it. Dont be apologetic about it.

You cant please  all the people at any time.So dont even try.Just do it.

Chosing to follow the herd or not is your prerogative.

Either way dont be apologetic about it.Be factual about it – and while at it – enjoy it.


Attta gal ~ Vidya !







4 thoughts on “Unapologetically Hot

  1. I love vidya….and hell I blog about sex…Boobs and what not. creative freedom it is and I am all for it….am glad for the way you concluded the post…it did make me uncomfortable initially…

  2. You really think whatever actors do these days and directors make them do is necessary? It is no artistic freedom or whatever. If you justify this then what MF Hussain did was right too. Forget the crowd, we should have some morals too.

    • Necessity or not is something we will never know. Assuming they are doing it by their own free will – I think it is none of our business what anyone does. It is a free world. It is a freedom of choice. Good or bad is not for us to pass a judgement.I absolutely think MF hussain has a right to express the way he wants.If we dont like it – we have a choice not to see his paintings. But we had no right to stop him from making those paintings.

      Morals – is subjective. What Mr.Muthalik did was moral according to him (remember the beating up of youngsters?) and perhaps immoral from our point of view. So you see we cannot suddenly become
      this moral police of the society – it is upto us to maintain within the law of the land and set our own standards of conduct.

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