Upbringing is a far more difficult word to execute than to understand. The big question is how do you raise your child? What examples do you give him or her that does not have an opposite reaction or result.? Lets take a few examples…


  • If you see your child always seeking company to play with, you tell them to start learning to play alone.

– Now if they play alone and get used to it – chances are he/she could turn out to be a loner in later years!

  • If you see your child always playing alone, locked inside a room – you tell them to get out and mix with others.

– Now if they get too used to that then chances are he /she could get hold of a very wrong set of friends and get screwed up mentally !

  • If you see your child make fuss about eating food, you tell them to be more open and at least try new things.

– Now if they really take to it,chances are he or she could become obese !

  • If you see your child being highly undisciplined, you tell them to become more orderly.

– Now if they become too orderly,chances are they could become like a frog in the well.!

  • If you see your child being very prim and proper, you feel he/she should not lose out on having fun in childhood.

– Now  once they start to have too much fun,chances are they might lose focus in life and become a waster.


I can go on with tons of everyday examples,but the point here is how do we determine or engineer this balance in life? how do we bring about this moderation in everything, and having said that,if everyone in this world were to become moderate,how would life be then? We would behave like robots.Fortunately for us,this might never happen , at least in our lifetimes and life will continue to enthrall us with it ‘s glorious uncertainties!




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