Wanna Shine Actor

When I say the names :

and the list goes on – bear in mind this is not stack ranked, its just a selection of random names.

So what comes to your mind? Blank ?  Well let me add the words  Minority Report , American Beauty – and then you go ah, hmm maybe I ve seen them somewhere. Likewise for Bollywood when you say names like Rang De Basanti,Main Hoon Na,Julie,Fashion etc you think oh that’s’ the one I was thinking about!

Recently on some movie award show when all flashlights went berserk on the so called A Lister, these so called B lister’s quietly slipped in and took their seats.Yes the occasional fan, photo op would have been there but certainly not like the A lister’s who hog all the eyeballs.They never get mentioned in any headline, no journalist chases them, the support staff thinks they are one of them so no additional courtesy,they can still go to a shopping mall or a movie theater and come out relatively unnoticed.Make no mistake, these are all fine actors in their own right, they are fine artistes in their space.

Imagine how they must be feeling every single minute of their lives? Such a harsh class divide. Such blatant abuse of equality and ignorance of talent  – which is defined by them as “struggle”.This is part of their struggle,and this struggle will motivate them to chase the stardom until they go broke or die – and in death somewhere in a corner of page three a snippet of his lifetime of struggle summarized in a paragraph, for public to ignore and trash it end of the day.Nobody reads an old newspaper.

So when these wanna shine stars are in these mega public events, they certainly have to make a mark – be noticed  maybe  wear a striking dress,ooze oomph or crack witty one liner ,hoping  someone will take notice.yes there are other desperate measures people take – for example even risk a wardrobe malfunction to get the paparazzi buzzing about them -or sleep around, but these tricks seldom work and in most occasions they fade into oblivion.How hard it must be for them to stand beside say Al Pacino, and hold your ground, and even if you could act better,you’d need to stay quiet and drown in their appreciations pouring from all and sundry. After all who would listen to a nobody claiming that he or she could ve done Tony Montana (Scarface) better  Or say Priyanka’s role in Fashion in a better way? No one.

Think about a Mughda Godse standing beside say a Kareena Kapoor, and people ignoring her just to get yet another clichéd comment from another A lister.and God help if you are not beautiful enough or smart enough, then people will drill the difference into their heads by way of  a small phrase – “excuse me”.They will ask her or him to stand aside,so that they could get a single shot of the A Lister.Now if you are an A lister, and reading this, you go like Whoa! What wrong did I do ? I struggle, I work hard, and if I make more successful films then its not a bad thing you know.I ve sacrificed a lot to get here and I bloody well am going enjoy till it lasts.

And there lies the genesis of life being different for different people. All things are not equal in this world, sometimes fairly, and sometimes unfairly.So like someone said, life is unfair, get used to it and I add, the earlier the better. That way you will keep moving. Getting bogged down by failures or ill fate is the most often chosen path, but consistently fighting it it out and moving on is the tough part. The question is do you really have a choice to not fight ? To not keep moving ?  Is that smart? Guess not. Something will work out, somethings wont, but you ve got to keep moving till you find your mojo.

In conclusion, I’d urge everyone to standby the nobody of today, because all nobodies of yesterday are somebody today. Yesterday’s night is today’s sunshine.










4 thoughts on “Wanna Shine Actor

  1. I feel one needs to be really mentally strong and tough in the glamour world. I loved your concluding lines “nobodies of yesterday are somebody today. Yesterday’s night is today’s sunshine”. Great write up !

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