Its 6AM – the final stretch before you really need to get up and go to work.You toss and turn around to get hold of the bottle of water,but you find none.

You try for some more time ,before finally getting up and switching on the bed lamp on the side table.There is no water bottle.Suddenly your thirst pang goes up a notch.You drag yourself out of the bed and head towards the kitchen, while looking along the way if there s a glass or a bottle lying somewhere.There is none.By the time you reach the kitchen you are very thirsty,  you head straight for the tap.

The hollow sound of air somewhere at the end of the pipe is all you hear.This is crazy you think.There has to be some water somewhere.So you pace towards the nearest bathroom and open the tap.Same result.The urge to urinate takes you closer to the commode,you do relive yourself, but no water to flush.It strikes you as a moment of triumph that perhaps a bottle of beer could be in the refrigerator.You rush  to the kitchen again.Finally you find a can of beer.You fursiously open it and gulp down chilled beer.This is heaven you think.You drink some more, and open a few more cans.Until its time to visit the restroom again.

Later that morning, you get ready to go to work.You havent taken a bath,havent brushed or shaved, and it shows.But you go neverthless.Some perfumes and cologne help you get out of the house for work.The garden is dead.The leaves have dried.You ponder for a second before moving on, you are getting late ofcourse…there s money to be earned.

At work , very few people have turned up.It seems most people have had this situation.You begin to think seriously now.There are arguments raging on cafeteria television.City is erupting in violence. Water robbers are everywhere, plundering homes to get every drop of water left.You are worried and think about how secure your house is.The net is flooded with outrage and despair.Everyone is talking about water or the lack of it. Patience runs low, anger erupts in hospitals,babies dying, helpless patients shaking, falling down, screaming, for just a drop of water.

What is going on ? What did you do to be in this mess? How do you get out? Where is the water now? Which county, city , country has water? I mea come on 75% of the Earth was water how come there is a shortage? the answer almost comes instantaneously,almost shockingly, somewhere near by a blaring television and an erupting argument screams that only 1% is drinkable! And you are in disbelief.How could that happen ?It’s not fair. But no one is arguing.Its real, its your reality and you need to deal with it now.

You rush out to the streets.There is chaos and pandemonium everywhere.Any form of liquid will do.Prices of beer,wine,milk are now being black marketed beyond belief.Some people take extreme steps to store kerosene and petrol.Who knows someday you just might need it.? You keep running and then it strikes you that more you run the earlier you will get thirsty. You stop. Look around a raging mob is coming towards you. You can’t get up anymore.Your feet are locked.Your throat is parched.Your mouth is starting to crack,you are choking….

A loud noise wakes you up…you hear the tap running in the bathroom. You are sweating profusely, the bottle of water by your side table is half empty.You grab it with both hands and run to the bathroom. The bathtub is flooded and the crystal vase on the utility table just fell down into pieces. You breathe a sigh of relief to see the water flowing and turn off the tap. You begin your first day,valuing water.


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