There will be a new year.

Yup its that time of the year again. Here are some facts that will happen:

  • There will be nostalgia.
    • That old scotch bottle still has about a peg or two left.
    • That old feeling of what you did last year will linger.
    • That old photograph where you really looked young.
  • There will be yet another birthday.
    • Facebook will remind people of your birthday.
    • Depending on your age – you may ,or may not look forward to it.
    • That awkward moment when an aunt will ask your age in front of a packed audience.
  • There will be resolutions.
    • There will be a guilty feeling for breaking resolutions last year.
    • There will be a momentary urge to re start your life on the right track.
    • This urge will last about 3 to 4 weeks tops.
  • There will be leftovers.
    • losing weight again becomes popular.
    • Diet coke and ginger ale are preferred adds on’s to rum and alcohol.
    • Temptations on buffets will remain.
  • There will be yet another Monday morning.
    • Hangover will prevail.
    • Office bound traffic will multiply.
    • Cold winter will make the bed warmer.
  • There will be office.
    • School and teachers will be back.So will your journey to these institutions.
    • Smiling bosses and colleagues will be back.
    • “now that you’re rested,Lets get back into action” type of emails will come.
  • There will be bills.
    • Rent,Electricity,phone, cable, internet all of it will now surface from those cabinets.
    • There will be phone calls and polite HNY greetings.
    • Most will use a free service like Whatsapp to send a greeting.

and the list goes on. So what does change this new year for you?  Very little. Well in that case why is it such a big deal to brand it as a new year.Afterall its just another incremental number in a logical sequence.Besides different communities have different times for the new year like the Chinese or the Indian’s for example.

Some of you may change a spouse,partner,house,job,geography or even vehicles,however the fact remains,90% of the above will still hold true in some form or the other.and then another year goes by just the same way.And the process repeats itself around same time next year.



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