• Write –
    • The dynamics of the world revolves around the ability to communicate.The ability to articulate. The ability to make people understand something the way it is supposed to be. If any of these goes awry, then there is chaos,there is pandemonium,there is even war.When people apply for jobs,there is one skill set that everyone writes without fail -superb communication skills.Its much later that they realise that the ability to speak good English does not constitute towards good communication skills alone, it also requires you to compact fifty thoughts into five, it also incorporates to write neutrally,something which cannot be misunderstood or mis-represented to someone else. Think of plans.We speak about them everyday,every new year there is a resolution,every wish list keeps increasing,however when you sit down to write,it suddenly becomes crisper,shorter,and more real.Writing gives you a reality check.In this world of locked emotions,and censured environments,writing gives you an outlet a vent.It inspires people.
  • Inspire –
    • In this day and age,inspiration is often advised to be found within.The role models have changed, the definition of a role model has changed.People have become transactional with their lives, losing sight of the bigger picture.Its mostly a routine,that everyone tries to follow.the ones who don’t are either shot or beaten.Its ironical that companies beat you into getting into the assembly line and then go hire someone to think outside the box.Who is inspirational today ? At what cost? Have you ever tried to inspire someone? Chances are that it has perhaps never occurred to you.So preoccupied with your life where is the time to inspire? Besides the super practical side you have thinks of it as unnecessary drama.Lets get on with it – is the mantra you follow.So inspiration gets relegated to those affected.Inspiration usually comes from those who face adversity or have been in an extreme situation,where there is no choice but to go ahead and do the unthinkable,and in time that becomes inspirational.Yet inspiration is such powerful emotion it has liberated nations,achieved breakthroughs,made a difference to mankind.So what are you going to do about it? For starters,Inspiration rubs off from people.You meet new people,exchange ideas,and your mind opens up.You network.
  • Network –
    • Networking is about building bridges when you don’t need them.Its already a flat world we know, but its also a very interconnected.Its shrinking with the advent of social media.However,there still exists a large part of the crowd which reaches out to people only when they need something. On one hand it might seem logical,that,why bother people when you have nothing useful to talk about?On the other hand it may be interpreted as being opportunistic.Networking is also about giving information.Networking can never be a one way traffic.You seek knowledge,and you offer knowledge.That’s what sustains networking,else it will fade off in a few months.So the question to ask is-what are you doing to increase your self worth in the society? What are you doing to get more informed and more useful? The more useful you get the more you will have to offer and that forms the fundamental stone of a strong network.

So, get up and get going, express,discuss and leverage the ecosystem around you to make this planet a better place to live.




This post has been written as  part of the WIN ’14 Activity at BlogAdda



4 thoughts on “WIN

  1. All the three competencies are essential for success! May I add one more “Humility” which makes success sustainable!
    Thanks for an excellent article. Cheers 🙂

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