The Win Cycle.

If it wasn’t painfully difficult,you probably did it wrong!

Did anyone tell you it was going to be a walk in the park ? Did anyone tell you it was almost mission impossible? Did your father not tell you how hard he worked to earn money? Those long walks, busses, trains,crowd. Did the colleges not tell you how tough you need to be to get over the line? Did the boss not tell you it wont be easy ? Did the wife not tell you how far you are from where you should be? Did the friend not tell you what you missed out?

Everyone,everything, just about anything in this world is out to tell you that winning is not easy.It is built into your DNA. It is drilled into your psyche.It is reminded to you in every advert ,every billboard, every product you buy.Don’t you then wonder why ? Is it  an obsession to win or is it the fear of losing? Being left out,  looked down upon? Missed the bus,or those win-win comments or I win you lose situations? What is it?

Winning today is creating a deep down fear psychosis. It is creating a sense of deep rooted insecurity and “termitetising” the society.It is creating sad people.It is creating wars. It is creating crime. It is creating shame. Does it beg the question – winning at what cost? It does, but it lies somewhere in the dark recesses of the mind.Unattended.Uncared.Uncensored.

Every win will create a loss.Every victor will have a captive.Every 1 will have a 0.

Life is binary at its core.Black and white.Yet our lives today exist in grey.Shades of grey. So is that a win? Is that what we want or hoped for? So will be happy? Are we happy?  Sure says the winner. After all winners have trophies and losers have philosophies ! Earning money makes him happy. The higher the material gain the higher the happiness quotient. He even says I am ok to be unhappy if I have a BMW. Crying in a BMW is better than smelling stale armpits in a packed bus.

Yet what he fails to see is the inherent unhappiness underneath the perceived success. So are winning and happiness not adjacent ? What did we fight for? What did we struggle for? What would a world be without winning? Without happiness? It would be a sad world. A sad world wouldn’t exist.And so we are back to square one. This is the circle of life.  And if you ever need to get out of this circle then your winning needs wings. your win needs to fly. Be free. Be independent of cause and effect. Because winning isn’t everything and so is losing!

You don’t need to prove anyone right or wrong. You don’t need to follow a system predefined by some wise men.Find your own truth.Find your own mojo. Find your own win and you will be happy because it does not warrant anyone’s endorsement.Its just a statement,and the statement of truth does not change by the number of people following it !


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