If it wasn’t painfully difficult, you probably did it wrong !


Ask team India and they will tell you boy was it difficult or what? From being contenders to becoming holders it took 11 very determined people to play beyond their beliefs.Success never comes easy. Go check with your previous generation. 9 times on 10 they will tell you, that they had struggled to get to where they were today and that you got it easy, a walk in the park perhaps.!


So the gist of the story is that success has not come easy for anyone and there is no reason to believe it will come easy for you.So dont expect a bed of roses on the path to success.

Having said that,one has to keep in mind that this philosophy might not apply to people in developed countries.The reason being that their key drivers are completely different to ours – where we are still developing.Ambition and desire take precedence over contentment for us, while the reverse is the case for most folks in developing nations.

Therefore sometimes when some of us travel abroad or get a chance to work in developed nations, there is an element of culture shock.How can someone not be motivated by money? How can someone not desire to be at the top. Be careful not to generalise this, or misconstrue this as they being not ambitious, but at ground level simple terms we people tend to be more aggressive and yielding at the same time versus them who have an element of rigidity in them.


Life will teach you that both these qualities are important.Being flexible/adaptable or having strong conviction are hallmarks of successful people.The trouble is when you drift on either extremes.Need to sty moderate.I know this sounds quite funny considering the extreme environments we are in, however one can still be competitive without being extreme.

And what better example of this can be given  other than MS Dhoni. A small town lad, laced with ambition,desire and true grit arrives in life big time.! Most noticeable feature is his moderation.No loud behaviour, not screaming shouting, there is a buddha like calmness around him.Control is the buzz word here.Yet with this very control and moderation he had achieved perhaps no other captain in the history of the game has done.


He’s achieved the Grand Slam of cricket. T20 World Champions/50 Over World champions/ #1 Test Team in the world/ IPL champions. Completes the full circle isnt it? The path to success will be difficult, tough and challenging , however keeping a moderate outlook, behaviour and thought process will ensure both success or failure are learning curves for you and not destruction curves !


Start by believing that you are a winner.





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