Yet another Old New Year

Yet another same old new year.

Yes Its pretty predictable – so no rocket science needed here are some of the observations that will happen this year…just like any other year in recent history.

Politics : People are going to continue to be ignorant and tolerant on erring politicians .The armchair discussions will range from Kashmir to Kanya Kuwari (sic) and the corruption will keep fluctuating , blame game and passing the buck will still continue,Arnab will still continue to scream the nation wants to know, the panel will keep rattling stuff which you will not understand. Parliament sessions will come to a screaming halt, the Netas  will enjoy live coverage of their act of democratic cacophony and bring proceedings down to a mockery.

Terror :  New recruitment will happen who will continue to find newer ways to kill and be killed.Candles will be lit again and silent marches will happen again and they will build new bombs and find unsuspecting targets to explode.Condemnation and threats, beheadings and torture in prisons will continue just like it did.

Crime :  Yet another rape will happen, another gang rape or sexual molestation of a child will hit headlines and murders will become more dramatic ,serial killers more gory and abuse will take a new stance. People will use social media for a massive outpouring of their frustrations , comments and even jokes on crimes that happen for one day….and then everyone will move on to the next story.

Films :  Yet another set of bad movies will go on to hit a blockbuster status and good movies will not get nominated to the Oscars.Some average films will make big money and some big names will falter.The ludicrous pelvic thrusts will continue to press forward and a section of the audience will recline back and watch – ah “paisa vasool”.  Some seriously good films will never see the light of the day and many actors will fade away.

Sports : The India Cricket team will continue to win on home soil and mostly against weak oppositions,on flat belter pitches. Keep having bad bowlers who get belted for 100 runs every game and BCCI will still think its a batsman’s game – bowlers are just passengers.We will still not find 1 guy who can bowl consistently at 150kmph and keep fit. Crash out of the Australia World Cup in quarters or Semis. N Srinivasan will continue to be stubborn. and DRS will still be debated.Other sports well will keep getting page two coverage in the sports section.


Work : Most people will continue to crib about their increments or salaries and keep getting frustrated for lack of instant gratification. Will always believe they are god’s gift to mankind are the key to survival of the company.Will always feel they have a nasty boss who has no business being on top.They will crib complain and then turn up to work the next day and greet you with a warm hug or a smile.


So I am not quite sure why we call it a New Year really. Other than the numbers nothing much changes. Think about you. Have you changed? Did you do anything different? Did you stop someone from littering the street or spitting from the car? Did you show empathy and not hurl an abuse at someone crossing the road? Did you not argue to prove a point again and again?.Did you listen to your partner? Did you talk to your child? Did you spend time with your parents? Did you really have a new year or just another same old year?




3 thoughts on “Yet another Old New Year

  1. Sir,
    What an amazing start with mind simplifying thoughts on the beginning of the New Year (number wise – I’m with u here) BUT – the sad part is that many have a perspective of looking at the above mentioned real life instances as – ” Aapke saath aisa hua hoga – Zaruri thodi hai sabke saath aisa ho” AND then they stereotype us for sharing real life experience.
    A wise man once said – “good judgment comes from experience and a lot that comes from bad judgment..”
    I wish to share this with a few of my friends BUT the sad part is that I’d be stereotyped with a statement that I judge people…
    But – I wanna thank you for sharing this realistic rear view of life on this new year2015.
    Feed me more….
    Big Fan (Viveck)

    • Thanks for reading Viveck.

      First up – having a low need for approval always helps.They stereotyping you has no bearing on what you feel inside. There is no need to be like them – if you are not like them. Be yourself.Be original. And yes being original is often a lonely or an ostracised experience until it catches a mass movement and then it becomes cult.

      What happens to you does not happen to the world, also means the reverse is true as well. What happens to the world does not necessarily need to happen with you. So you re even stevens there.

      So, you really, need not share this post or blog with anyone to prove a point. If there are people who disagree with a particular view, we need to respect that not necessarily need to agree to that..after all remember somebodys pig is someones bacon.!

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