Zero Sum Game

The world has become so diverse that no matter how good your intention are, you will surely upset someone at the other end. Add a lethal mix of historical hurt and grievances with a dash of insanity and you have a perfect heady cocktail for disaster!

Freedom of speech will offend a certain set of people and they will retaliate exercising their right, and it escalates into a full scale chaos. If there is no freedom of speech, then someone will take advantage and then there will be a revolution to fight for freedom.

Fundamentally, what you think is right, could be wrong for someone else.So what are we trying to achieve here? We are trying to see if there is a truth which holds good for majority. But the problem with that is ,it keeps changing.

Coexistence with extreme diversity will test people’s patience. Think of a vegan housing with a meat lover. They are both believers in their practice. Will they , can they, coexist without expressing their feelings for the other?

A homogenous existence, sans any diversity, is also sometimes known as a cult. Imagine the vulnerability of society if everything was same. Would it then guarantee peace? If your God and my God are different, can their ever be harmony?

The only way, therefore is to deconstruct life into its basic simplistic structure. Travel light, chances are that will be the path of least resistance. Then do we come back to the point we started before evolution? Are we saying all the progress and development is pointless?

Now you see why a logical brain can never solve this conundrum and faith and the other intangibles take so much center stage in every life. It seems to me, that the world is waiting for magic to happen.

3 thoughts on “Zero Sum Game

  1. I started with the prejudice that this is going to be a math blog and I hate numbers. But this turned out to be philosophical. And definitely, a vegan and non-vegan can coexist with each other!!
    And I see the questions in your head whose answers are more questions!! This blog post is full of them. 😉 Will stump even the Dalai Ls of the world, I think.
    PS: The like button on your post has an issue I think. A blank window opens and closes.

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