127 Hours


Before it released it caught my attention. 127 hours was indeed a catchy title. It induces people to think. Most would associate it with a murder mystery perhaps but Danny Boyle comes up with a gut-wrenching (quite literally ) sordid saga of pain and destiny.

True stories sometimes dont make the best movies unless you tweak it somewhat.The balance is critical here.The more you are closer to reality, the more your film will look like a documentary and vice-versa. The question is what is it that you are trying to show? What angle are you trying to present.? What audience are you trying to address? Or is it just that you are trying to make a movie that you want irrespective of any need for approval?

These thoughts went through my mind when I sat through 94mins. of the 127 hours.

It came across to me that the balance of the movie was not right.The spike was evident in the amputation scene – rest of the story was not really adding up to anything.Some meaningless scenes,pointless monologues and frameless characters. If the challenge is to make a compelling movie – then in my humble opinion, some reality needed to be twisted. Start reality is sometimes too stark to digest. Danny boy might argue -that was the intention, however, I differ as explained above.


So to viewers who have not seen 127 hours here are my two cents –

  1. Watch it alone,when you are in a serious state of mind,coz the reverse might spoil the rest of your evening.
  2. Set expectations that some of you might squirm in your seats.


Question is – does evoking a strong emotion or a reaction be counted as good cinema ?





Your Thoughts?

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