4th Kind

The plot –

What your’e about to read is very very disturbing.

Just like the movie begins with a stark disclaimer aimed at spooking you out until you notice  the hot Mila Jovovich saying it without an iota of conviction.

alien abduction vs hallucination….based on some true case studies, and some fiction. But I must say the movie gathers momentum as it progresses.Some of the hypnotherapy sessions were done well.So if  you were to watch this with Fox Mulder’s mindset  you will find lesser loopholes,and you might even sit back after the movie and reflect.

But if you watched this from Scully’s point of view – you might be disappointed at the end of it all…more so because nothing is proven eventually, or even sows a seed of reasonable doubt in your mind.Some clunky dialog’s dont help the cause as well.

The truth is, what you believe.

The acting –

Milla Jovovich does a good job eventually, though it is a bit tough to take her seriously.The cop August ‘ s character was a bit over cooked.The best scenes were of the actual footage really.Dr Tyler’s eye and broad forehead look like the proverbial alien head.Big hollow eyes.

What could ve been done different – certainly the star cast.This is more of a Madeline Stowe -ish  character.I am guessing she would have done a better job…especially the panic and the break down sequences.

After I did some research, I found that this plot itself is very weak – with Universal studios apparently creating fake news online…to make the movie look more credible.that kind of put me off. I mean if there isnt  a story there isnt. Why manufacture it.

JaSaala verdict –  a reluctant 3/5. best suited for Friday night cuddle viewing with parter…and exploring the fantasy.

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