Aamir – “Leaderr’s Deadstiny”

Well that’s what Aamir means – Leader. Though in this movie the leader is led to err.

I know this is an old movie – and I just watched it- but worth a review nevertheless.you know just for the record types -Read it if only you have watched it.Otherwise this review might cloud your judgement.

Here’s what I liked –

  • Fantastic detailing.Every scene is carefully crafted.
  • The plot is strong.Somebody must’ve had a hard bound script here.
  • Screenplay is beautiful.
  • Characters are real,and no overacting.
  • subtlety of the movie is the highlight.

What I disliked –

  • Rajeev K tried his best – but some scenes his face si absolutely stiff.
  • If you watch closely, his stiffness eases as the movie progresses.
  • Why it was critical for more expression – well the scenes were potentially explosive – it needed some shock,some despair, some panic.
  • Rajeev/Aamir – falls short of great acting.though look-wise he fit the bill [innocent,unassuming etc]
  • Editing could ve been a bit better.Length shouldve been a bit shorter to sustain the tension.

here’s what I would have done differently –

  • Rajeev you are a good potential, but this role was too powerful first up – so I d replace him with Ranbir Kapoor.
  • I would have showed how and why they,the extremists, tracked this doctor in particular?
  • chasing scenes edited a bit more.
  • the ring leaders background – if not then why show he had a family?
  • docu-drama sequencing a bit overdone,some scenes people just keep looking..and then what about it?

You know thinking about a movie after it s made is rather easy while trying to make it.so am appreciative and aware of it, however the idea is also to be as close to perfection isnt it? to be the best isnt it? Well similar movies,not necessarily story or plot -wise, but intensity,editing,screenplay,acting in short  which had most things correct are –

  • Prahaar [ no storyline comparison but intensity comparison]
  • Main Azaad hoon [ Big B’s depiction of helplessness was quite brilliant]
  • Parinda [Anil Kapoor’s frustration sequences were good]
  • Khuda ke liye [ some jail sequences were great]

Yes there are scores of others,these names are just top of the mind recall – anyways,I guess you get the drift.

overall – Aamir is one of those movies,which you d want to buy a DVD and keep it.one of those movies which you get a gut feel-that it will be a good movie in the very first few scenes.one of those movies which has subtlety as it s strong point.and coming from a relatively new actor and director – truly commendable.

my rating – 4/5

Your Thoughts?

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