Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – Movie View

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (ADHM) is a great movie,for those who are suspended from reality. Is there something wrong with that? Nope. Its a choice someone makes. We need to coexist that’s all.

Karan Johar’s labor of love,is laborious to watch. Filmmakers might be thinking, we put in so much of hard work,sweat,blood,army fund, forced apologies over a period of almost a year ( if you include pre and post production work) to complete a film, and yet these ill informed,ignorant nit-wits take no more than 30 mins. to write a scathing blog post dismissing all that has gone behind making of the film.

Not true.

I really do appreciate the pain in making a movie,I am cognizant on how tough it must’ve been for the artists , technicians and all those involved in creating a film.However, the reality remains that we see the end product  and not the work in progress.And we therefore develop an opinion which solely focusses on the end product and not what precedes it, albeit with all due respect. You might call it a job hazard for both parties.

My first impression, when I saw Ranbir singing the haunting melody of the title track,was this is going to be epic.An epic love story.So I went rewinding and some names came to my mind,which classify as epic love stories of hindi cinema,                                                                          (where epic “loosely”defiend as universally accepted)  and this is not to say that I’m comparing one movie with the other, just stating that’s all :

  • From old times :
    • Guide
    • Mughal -E-Azam
    • Pyasaa
    • Devdas
  • From middle times :
    • Amar Prem
    • Aradhana
    • Kati Patang
    • Kabhi Kabhi
    • Silsila
    • Ek Duje Ke Liye
  • From late middle times :
    • Qyamat Se Qyamat Tak
    • Maine Pyar Kiya
    • Tezaab
    • 1942 : A love story.
    • Parinda
    • Saajan
    • Hum Aapke Hain Korn
    • Aashiqui
  • From early modern times:
    • Lamhe
    • Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
    • Darr
    • Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
    • Kaho Na Pyaar Hai.
  • From recent times :
    • Dil Chata Hai
    • Gadar
    • Dil Se
    • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
    • Black
    • Jab We Met
    • Dev.D
  • Even more modern times
    • Lunchbox
    • Aashiqui 2
    • Goliyon Ki Raas Leela -Ram Leela
    • Bajirao Mastaani
    • Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Ok, I ‘ll stop.

Now I’m thinking, can ADHM qualify to fit in this ( not exhaustive, have left out many) partial list of epic romantic movies? Agreed, that not all of the above,were genius movies or had cinematic brilliance which transcended the space time continuum.So by that definition ADHM would perhaps qualify. But for me there are many movies, even some in the above , which could have been an epic but fell short.

Some examples like Dil Se, Gadar, DDLJ, Ram Leela, etc. fall into a bracket which would’ve been much better cinematically as they had so many other things going just right for them.Take DDLJ for example, it seemed like a collection of good scenes, almost had a look and feel what Lamhe achieved by originality few years earlier. Notice carefully and you will know.Anupam Kher’s character, some of the swiss sequences etc.Yes I know Aditya is Yash Chopra’s son, but that does not mean you can’t create something as original as your father did.

Lamhe was an epic love story,ahead of its times.Period.

So when Kjo, gave the look and feel of yet another juicy complex epic love story in the trailers, one thought ,this is jackpot.Unfortunately not. Ranbir  Kapoor’s character Ayan, shown primarily a loser with an extremely low self esteem is borderline unreal. The rich -ness is unreal. Flying in private jets and no family, no friends, no -no one – just alone, doing MBA, no deadlines, no submissions nothing. Not being picky but give us some glimpse of reality please.

People are going gung ho about his acting, I’d only appreciate his trying. Most of the emotional outbursts did not yield to the story moving forward.They were just scenes.Expressing the same sentiment in multiple ways, until the very end.

Anushka a.k.a Alizeh , has no other trip in life other than hangout in bar where she literally picks up a chick, err chum  to hit the bed.Lo and behold the kiss goes awry and he becomes the best pal, like ever.Forever. I mean really? How  many people make a life long pal after meeting someone drunk at a pub ?

So the moment of chemistry is gone, and she obviously cannot make out until much later that he loves her like a lover and not a “friend” ! Oh come on, even Monica and Chandler got physical and had sex while they were friends! Get real Kjo! It happens. Why then I pray you show something which was perhaps so 1970’s ? Remember two flowers kissing each other depicted sex?

Aishwarya, a.k.a Sabah , blah blah horny poet.Urdu is perhaps one of the most sweetest languages in the world.But let alone sweetness, there was not even a shred of class in the delivery from such a classy woman.Practice and attention to detail clearly missing. Yes Kjo, attention to detail.

Fawad, no point in talking about that role. “Char aana pee ke aaah aana ka nasha” – losely translated means oh so over rated.

Plot.Wot? What?Where? Oh My God climax. Without giving away the spoilers, I am like really, this is so out of tangent that you have an acute pain waiting for it to finish. Sigh.So what do I think about ADHM? Yes its a great effort, but missing the chutzpah of an epic love story.

Not pushing the boundaries of Ash Ranbir chemistry is one such example.Not pulsating like Silsila did,not going into the dark side ,like Dev.D did. Not choking your throat like Amar Prem did, not drowning in romance like Lamhe did.Not writhing in pain like Parinda did,not hoping against hope as Devdas did, not crying like Tezaab did.

Not pushing it into epic. As Kjo might have realized by now, that having awesome looking stars, picturesque locales, haunting melodies and feel good scenes don’t make for an epic movie.

I am going with 2 out 5, and its a borderline 2 because you had such a good trailer which took my  expectations high and the banged it down real hard.