Almost Paafect

I saw the curious case of Benjamin button in complete silence and Paa in complete chaos.Mobiles going off,people talking after a funny moment on screen, some even brought their children thinking it is a children s movie.But civic sense is a different story, something which we will never get around doing it.

We, went to see Paa with great expectations,and came back 75% happy.Almost perfect.Lets talk about the characters first. Vidya Balan, natural and restrained,but cannot make you say Sharmila would have,Abhishek as a young second generation politician,swanky accent,thought that needed to be toned down a tad less,couldn’t make you cry like his father did,but then these would be unfair comparisons.Simply because in today’s generation there are very few actors who can pull that off.Nana Patekar,if you consider him this generation at all, could extract a dormant tear from deep within your tear ducts.

Paa had some scenes where one wished we had some powerful “emoters”.Who could really take emotion,shock,choking, to a new level.Nevertheless, Vidya and Abhishek  try their best.AClose second would be Paresh and Arundhuti, who put in clinical warmth and exasperation as desired, so no issues there.Some more characters, like school kids etc.did well for their part, considering “Ishaan” had set such high standards in TZP.

Auro.The only place you have some remaining trace of Amitabh Bachchan is a faint reminiscent voice tonality.Rest it is a new character.Such is the power of the actor.In his introduction scene, notice his eye movement,which perfectly resemble someone nervous coupled with impeccable body language.Comparing Benjamin Button at age 70 with Auro, I can confidently say, if not at par, sometimes better, notice the nerves on the head,dry lips,deep eyes..Perfect.

Now the plot. Strong story,marred with too many sub plots.

So Mr.Balki if you ever happen to read this -here are some recommended changes.

  • Re-write Abhishek’s profession as a politician…
  • Replace with say a corporate big wig – or better still research scientist/doctor wherein the chase or focus on career first would have been greater appreciated.
  • Remove all media related scenes.absolutely best it could have been used in the marriage proposal scene.Rest slum story needs to go.
  • Keep a simple plot – not trying to say too many things.
  • First half – Flash back/love romance/Auro school scenes.
  • Second half – Auro does a patch effort between parents.
  • You could use sentimental touches using Auros friends trying to be supportive etc.
  • Ending is perfect.The hospital scene is superb.Just needed some more intensity on screen.

So, all in all – certainly recomend a watch, but it falls short of greatness which say TZP attained or a Black attained in their run.Hats off for attempting good cinema.Bow down to BigB.No words.Am just going to keep quiet as a mark of utmost respect for the man…now phantom.

Your Thoughts?

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