Bajrangi Bhaijaan : Movie Review

First up, you’d think this is right up Aamir Khan’s ally.But lo and behold, no, it is indeed Salman Khan.The last time he managed to tug a chord was perhaps in Hum Dil De Chuke Hain Sanam.Remember when Saajan came along and Sanjay Dutt was seen in a completely different role? Salman needs to break out of his Dabangg and Bodyguard type of avatars – and to that effect Bajrangi Bhaijaan presents a perfect launch pad – what he does with it is well out there.He reminds people that he too can do sensible films and still keep the entertainment quotient high. He can do subtle comedy without being vulgar.That to me is a thumbs up moment.But we all know that these thumbs moments are few and far in the Salman filmography.

Yea, its been a while. So keep all logic aside,and lets dive into this emotional blockbuster.

Kabir Khan can you just give yourself a pat on the back for managing to pull off this colossally impossible love story? The audience sat through all of 2 hours and 35 mins, and laughed,cried and clapped to many scenes.Nawazuddin Siddique you did what Sunny Deol did in Damini second half. Impact and how. This is a performance for keeps.Take a bow.Harshaali Malhotra did her best under superb camera guidance and character sketch.

The story was written  by V.Vijendra Prasad has its heart in its place.Well done.Kareena Kapoor in a I-just-want-to-be-in-that movie role , did her little bit well. There was practically no need for her character, but like I said, somethings you’ve just got to let go.Cameos by Om puri and Sharat Saxena (please get out of the TV mould) were well timed and restrained without going overboard.

Beyond the logical improbability of girl actually getting stranded on the other side of the border,the narrative flows well.The first half could have been about 30 mins and 2 songs shorter.But the story kicks in the second half.And this is where i really give a lot of credit to Nawazuddin’s performance here.And to Salman’s credit – their restrained performances were just right for the frame.

Kabir Khan, quietly, subtly and deftly also touched upon a lot of blink and you ll miss touchy political and religious contentious issues.India Pak being one country,Kashmir thoda hamara bhi hai,Indian prisoners in Pakistani Jails, Veg-non veg divide,use of the word Mohammedan,Hindu fanaticism, ISI evidence doctoring,Indian media, child trafficking etc. None of these issues were in your face to make the average movie goer uncomfortable or too preachy (like PK ).The balance was just right.

The flaws in the script and logic are quite obvious, but the emotional overdose makes the aam audience overlook the cracks.Even in the storyline, a few strings left untied.KK could’ve easily cut down a few songs and added a few scenes  on what happened post climax.Did Bajrangi get to marry? Did he buy the house? However, these are just a few picky points and don’t really derail the story.

Some of the shots of the mountain landscape were amazing – looked straight out of NatgeoHD collections.Photography and screenplay were quite up to the mark.

Wrapping up, this is certainly a one time watch for all non Salman fans. Take your mama’s papa’s, and the extended family , especially if they are the emotional kinds,which 90% of India is, and I am guessing they will come back with a lump in their throat.

Not sure if I have any Pakistani readers of this blog,but if you do read, then please let the folks know that this is not an Anti-Pakistan propaganda film.The movie balances out both Indian and Pakistani establishment idiosyncrasies rather well. This in fact has nothing to do with politics – its to do with heart.And like it or not, we all have the same heart with the same blood running in it. So go out there enjoy the Eid festivities and the movie.

I will go with 3 out 5 stars for this movie since there is no 3.75 rating, and 4 would make it on par with some really hard hitting movies which BB is not.Its a feel good clean movie for the masses.



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