Case 39

Case 39  is a movie which pulls out all stops to stop your heart-beats.

After a long time I really enjoyed watching a suspense thriller horror movie.It s  beauty lies in the fact that all of it s flaws are nicely tucked in,with smooth editing and wonderful screenplay.

The plot –  revolves around a rather old looking Rene Z, and her tryst with child care services.Having 38 unsolved cases were not enough,that her boss gave her one more to look into – little did she know the case was pulling her into it.

The child played by Jodelle Ferland does a splendid job with her facial expressions and body language…almost at par with Ed Norton of  Primal Fear fame,quite convincing.

The plot moves smoothly from subtle to direct – from mild to profound – from suspicion to confirmation, all with equal ease. The movie’s strong points are it s  sudden sound effects.They have managed to give you a jolt every time you just relaxed a bit with the story flow.So that is good.

What could have been different – Rene looks  a little too glamorous for a regular child care executive.Looks like shes put on some weight during the making of movie, and then you see her back to her slim self in some some inconsistencies there.

Hollywood is really falling into a mold the moment one sees a suspense thriller.. some characters are so clichéd ..the supportive cop who goes out of his way, or the pain in the ass boss, or whatever I guess you get the drift.Some day  I’d like to see a twist there.

Overall – must watch am going with 4/5 for editing,sound effects and some really scary moments, over and and above a decent performance by Rene z.

Recommend watch – alone.

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