da bang !

Rajni sir you have competition.

Salman Khan has chutzpah redefined.Period.

The Plot.

Well the story is about a corrupt cop aka Robinhood Pandey and the…ah forget it. Please leave logic and critical hat back at home when you watch this flick.It is important you enjoy it the way it is designed – Total Time Pass Paisa Vasool !

Clearly the film banks on style and humour, at times  a trifle cheap, but overall enjoyable, and also editing is a strong point.Simply because it never leaves you tired or yawning even in some extended fight scenes.

The dialogues are the other highlight. some cheesy some corny but mostly crowd pleaser’s especially like the time when Chulbul latches on to check about someone’s well being from the preceding abuse or sarcastic remark.

knowing that there will be a certain section of the so called lower strata of the society/junta  some social service messages are thrown like the one about two drops to avoid polio etc etc.

the actors –

Sonakshi – is largely irritated and has minimal stuff to write home about…her role is too brief and probably too insignificant in the larger scheme of things to really warrant a comment on her acting.the only thing you notice is her broad…forehead.Clearly the wet hair look is not going to be he forte.!!

Arbaaz Khan – should have remained producer only..this bit part acting really goes on to prove how bad he really is in acting and it is just not his cup of tea unless and until there is a custom tailored role written for him.

Mahesh Manjerekar ,Om Puri an Anupam kher are wasted big time. Some UBO  called Mahi Gill makes a fleeting appearance to justify she she stills exists.Anyways, the other item girl malika – is clearly kicking ass. munni fails to take off like beedi – but still does a good job .

Vinod Khanna has tremendous screen presence especially when he is quiet his eyes speak a lot – the gravity of his character is shown in some place but not exploited enough. Dimple Glam doll Kapadia as a rustic UP Mataji – is a colossal misfit.

Sonu Sood – has some good potential…but somewhere loses it …but watch out for this guy – if he manages a good role – he will rock. Faintly resembling angry young man of deewar somewhere,he has the “look” … so watch out for him.

Last but certainly not the least – Salman . Well what can one say for sheer brilliance with comic timing and fab packs.? Women in the audience went berserk every time he did something magical. Screen presence is strong and so is his adaptability to this role. looks perfect fit..quite literally.

Like I said after Wanted and now Dabangg Rajni sar should watch out for his style tittle. some seriously style dialogues being written for him..and boy does he deliver it or what. spot on there. [oops] Bang on..or should I say Da bangg on !

What couldve been different –

Well when you make a massala thriller, then playing to the gallery shots should be more. Let me take you back to Raajkumar/dilip Kumar starrer ,Subhash Ghai directed Saudagar – the dialogue exchange between these giants were something to remember in an otherwise forgettable movie. Or remember Raajkumar s famous repartee’s in various other very average movies…but people still remember his for “jaani..yeh chaku hai..” isnt it?

so this movie needed some more scenes like that.the salman khan entry scene needed some more style and suspense and maybe a shot from shoes to head with a flick of the glasses and a head twitch. remember Big B’s entry sequences…even in a sad film like Aaj ka Arjun [though it was a hit for some strange reason] the entry had the audience stand up and throw money…likewise in Agneepath, or Coolie  just to give a few examples.

And no am not comparing AB with SK, this is just to highlight my point.

some cheap scenes need to be re shot, I mean you can still show a funeral gathering without the hero walking in and literally shooing people off..and proposing marriage to a girl who’s father  had just died.! Buy hey remember the disclaimer earlier – lets not get into the logic of it

Some scenes of extended fighting needed to be edited.you know the way Chulbul Pandey character was designed he needed to give just one look and the guys would shit bricks  or just one punch and the villain should ve been knocked off – kind of scenes would work well.

some more critical moment dialogues would ve added flavour, especially like when rajo is in the police station and cops are trying to make her laugh..there needed to be something special ..but that moment was lost.likewise some other small moments when you expect the scene to explode..it doesnt.

So – I am going to with 3/5 for this rollicking entertainer [ in fact if entertainment was the only parameter then it would score 4/5]  however there are other considerations as well. so by all means watch this movie even if it means going a bit early to beat the queues coz this movie is best watched in a noisy hall with hoots and claps.

Your Thoughts?

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