Dil Dhadakne Do : Movie Review

Here is a Plutonic review of the movie. But before reading this review you should be class conscious. Are you Page 3  or Are you the regular Mango Man? Because, it will mean different things to a different set of colonies. Which , if you notice is a review in itself. Clearly this is not for the masses. What I mean is that it is highly unlikely, that someone who adores and drools over Dabang or a Rowdy Rathore is going to love this one. I am a Def Col dawg,you see.

So put me on your thinking lap.

The plot itself is based on a ridiculous idea. An “elderly” couple celebrating their anniversary decide to take the neighbors along their private cruise! I mean,  seriously? Not just take along, but actually sponsor their entire trip. Ship. (Ah there, I spoke like a true middle class mango man!!) I mean who does that. Perhaps they do in La La land. Band.

It doesn’t take long for you to realize that Mehra’s are a dysfunctional family, each having their own quirk and baggage from the past. Blast. Now they decide to deal with all that excess luggage on a cruise to Greece .Eeesh. They have a dog company. Which is their family and the background score as well. A familiar voice at that. They decide to solve or address the following on the pole their cruise :

  • Past love regression
  • Business partnership
  • Career planning
  • Family Value System
  • Farcical Marriage Sanskar Syndrome.
  • Family Reunion

And there are more , but I guess I must’ve missed it in the mele of characters and plots. Shots.  Clearly, Miss Akhtar handles these with swift clichés and bad editing. there are some very good scenes like the one where Shefali Chaya is stuffing herself with chocolate on account of a depression bout. One waits for the scene to sink in , but the shot cuts away to another scene. Mean.

Priyanka has a few pout scenes which are not much to think about. Shout. She s increasingly becoming Priyanka the “star” rather than Ayesha the character. The consistency of a docile , introvert but determined character does not come out evenly. Likewise for Anushka Sharma.Yet again the lips distract the scene. I guess one has to get used to it now. Leaves us as soon as she is seen award goes to Farhan Akhtar. Laughter. Some shades of the intensity of the character are from ZNMD.

Now on to the top of the pyramid. Shefali Chaya has eyes that can gobble you up. Gulp. They talk. Yes , some over acting but perhaps one can term it under the “script-demanded-it”  story. Anil Kapoor looks every bit of the role he portrays as the family patriarch. Good costumes, close up intense shots and good  some comic timing  go to his credit.Uff. Woof.

Ranveer Singh has done a Sergei Bubka ( now don’t be lazy, Bing it) from Lootmar. Chamatkar. In short he has pole vaulted , leap frogged from buffoonery to some sort of normalcy.He’s been given a lot of footage to grab his going -nowhere-career to take it somewhere. Needless to say he will be eye candy to all the ladies having Shandy.

Special mention to all the women in the theater : Fooling around and business trips are not for men alone, there is a woman as well. So stop doing the sighs and aha’s when they show that Anil Kapoor goes on a business trip mostly to have fun. They have the hmm-know-i-know-look.My foot. In fact there are many scenes in the movie where  the audience goes : hmm I’ve seen that somewhere, or heard that somewhere.Such are the perils of generalism. Schism.


In all , the movie is long by at least 1 hour and 3 songs and should’ve been short by about 5 characters. The load would have been easier to carry and you wouldn’t have left the theater with a thought that this could’ve been a far better movie than it actually turns out in the end.Second half picks up pace but still is too long in my view.Phew.Since I don’t believe in a 2.5 or a high 2 , I am going with 3 out of 5 stars stars for some of the performances and some modern life realities and practicalities addressed in the movie. There are more points that pull it down than lift it up. Hence the rating. Can I lift my leg now? Woof.


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