Don2 want 2 watch it?

well the answer is yes, you do – but the disclaimer is – dont have much expectations. That pretty much sums it all up for the Don2 review. It sometimes baffles me how talented directors like Farhan Akhtar churn out such stuff. Or maybe we should now treat him as a one film wonder considering the fact that he could not recreate the magic of Dil Chahta Hai?

Why was DCH so perfect? Why did it connect with so many people?  Why did the movie feel so real? The answer is simple – completeness. Every single character was well defined,every single scene was well thought, visualised and executed tightly. This perfection has been missing from Dr.Akhtars movies ever since.Maybe he needs to go back to the basics. (Dont let your ego come in between here – Farhan )

Now for the movie. As incredibly difficult it is to replace Amitabh Bachchan s haunting presence from the original flick, I started to view this movie as a new “movie” completely independent of its predecessors. Now the only thing I needed was a bolt – to pull me on to the other side ! Like the famous one liner by David Duchovny of X Files fame – “lets just say I want to believe”.But that one bolt never came and you stay put in the realm of “lets just not believe this” .

One striking aspect you will find the missing in Don2 is pace.For a thriller/heist whatever you want to call it – it just doesnt have enough “oh-my-God” moments. Picture this – SRK and Priyanka find time to discuss their love story in the middle of the biggest heist of all time, that too when there is a bomb detonating sequence i is happening in the backdrop.

The audience was in splits in the most supposedly intense scenes.

When you see Don2 here are some Hollywood flicks that come to your mind straight up –

  • Mission Impossible
  • Matrix fight sequence in the hotel
  • Oceans Eleven
  • Entrapment ( Cat Zeta & Sean  C)
  • Ronin
  • LockUp
  • Face/off
  • A bit of Bourne somewhere….

and so on and so forth. In fact I was trying to desperately figure whats that one original element that the product has to show – be it acting, directing, screenplay,stunts or even the story – nothing – nyet- zilch.

Felt sad to see intense actors like Om Puri and Boman Irani being wasted with clunky dialogues.In fact the movie theater was in splits in the most intense scenes between the Don and his muse and ironically Dons cocky retorts never got any laughs.

Such surrealism of smuggling intoxicants into a maximum security prison,housing the top criminal in the world – is quite a dissapointment.Something more intelligent,more sinister perhaps could have done the trick.

SRK – does need to go back to his mushy slushy KJO movies of yore – otherwise it seems quite difficult for him to make an impact with his forthcoming movies. You know one does not have to do a million dollar marketing campaign to make a movie successful – be it or Don2 – SRK – its time you really did some soul searching, somewhere did some digging – and if nothing else works, get someone with a head on their shoulders to guide you, otherwise I see the beginnings of a fading star – unless you reinvent  with a quantum leap.

Priyanka – babes – you can have all the twang and chutzpah you want – net net if the movie doesnt click you need some serious rethink.Lest Kat is hot on the heels.

Farhan – please study movies like the  Mission Impossible part 1/The Heist/ Dog Day Afternoon  if you really need to pick some scenes – these are cults and classics – or even watch a Stanley Kubrick’s – The Killing.And the mother of all heists -The Ususal Suspects  – how well defined was that?  They key in all these movies was that they were intelligently written down to the last granular detail and someone kept a track of how it was visualising.

Take a close look at the strong story line,and fine tuning these movies have in terms of expressions, scene constructs and edits. Even a small twitch or a raised eyebrow adds to a scene’s intensity.Gene Hackman in the Heist is superb -notice how he convinces the pack of the plot, also nottice how he does not overdo it, yet makes it believable while leaving a little to imagination or doubt with the rest of the characters.

Lets not forget Johnny Gaddar – deserves a special mention for the intelligent plot.The pace was superb and the scene to scene transition was great, kept the viewer on the edge of the seat.

Boman – the last time you convinced as a bad guy was in MBBS -but that too because it had a funny connotation in the character and so was virus. In this movie you really needed to be cunning – so your eyes needed to do a lot more talking than they did.

Don2 – I ll go with 2 out 5 for this effort – the biggest disappointment was its originality or the lack of it, closely followed by the pace or the lack of it,  at which the movie runs. You can watch it whenever it air on the tele – no big reason to go the movie hall.

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