Ek Tha Tiger

There are multiple ways to review movies but for this one I will take the simplest approach.
  1. For those who loved Bodyguard,Dabang,Wanted sort of movies : will love Ek Tha Tiger.
  2. For those who hated Bodyguard,Dabang,Wanted sort of movies : will find it a welcome change.

Review for Option 1 type of people :

Well you couldnt ask for more – there is romance the puppy love types,there is emotion, there are foreign locales and your cherry on top : action sequences.Its “paisa vasool” (value for money) for you the moment you see the steady cam shot , super slo-mo ashtray spilling over and Tiger enters the screen.Claps,gasps, whistles and hoots.Add to that a cracking background score lifts your tempo.You think the movie is a super hit.

At the interval mark you love the twist and though you know there is going to be a counter twist you dont want to go too far to get the popcorn.You stay put.Good good. The the action starts,the emotions flow and the chases take your breath away.You think Hollywood : we have outdone you.Jason Bourne go take a walk.You like the way the tram sequence is shot but your heart skips a beat when a bullet hit Tiger accelerates his bike to leap on to the ascending aircraft.Move over John Travolta: sadda Sallu is here.

By the time you exit the theater you are in this mush zone if you are a woman, and the fuzz zone if you are a man.Now you do think about Katrina,Girish Karnad’s close ups and some scenes where Kat looked like an angel.Yes your movie ticket was definitely value for money.So whats your verdict? You go with 4.5/ 5 stars for the Kabir Khan (who?) effort.

Review for Option 2 type of people :

Well to begin with you only went because either your friend or spouse is type 1 or maybe you had nothing better to do.Besides you know the over the top ordeal from Salman’s previous flicks.Cheap and vulgar , racy and corny ,you barely sat through it.So you start with 2 stars rating even before the you see the first scene.And then  you see the first sequence , the look and feel impress you.The editing seems good.Though every now and then it gives you a reason to hold your judgement.Like a covert super spy jumping buildings without breaking a single bone.But you let it pass-  rationality has not always been a Hindi film industry forte.

You try to find an element of acting,which is there in bits and parts.You try to  locate Roshan Seth and he is gone after a few fleeting scenes.Your hope then lies with Girish Karnad. He has too many close up shots for my liking.His dialog delivery is not the greatest but he manages to pull it through.Katrina comes across well in some action sequences but a super sly slick covert agent has too many vulnerabilities in my books.She cries too often for a such a strong character.Rest of the cast well lesser said the better.

The climax sequence is entertaining and the chase sequence  is quite well done.I will not be surprised to see or hear reports from various news channels reporting how some young bloke tried pulling off a Salman like stunt.Expect an increased number of silly accidents as result of this.But this is not the filmmakers fault or responsibility – I am just stating it. Kabir Kahan’s earlier flick New York was a much better compact and well thought through affair in my opinion not that he has done a bad job here.The movie cleverly stays away from detailing technology used by RAW or ISI – no sophisticated equipment or ultra sci-fi interception radars etc.Well camouflaged I thought.

This almost seems like a movie Aamir Khan would have chosen to do.So I was pleasantly surprised to see Salman take up the role/movie.


Overall: Please go watch the movie with expectations based on what type you are ( 1 or 2)and you wont be disappointing.So dont try to slice and dice with logic and rationale some movies are just made to entertain and this one certainly does.But if I had to give one single rating all things considered then I’d go with 3/5 for the effort,smart editing and slick presentation and Salman’s screen presence.


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