Fight Club

There are some movies which hit you in deep in the mind somewhere… and you can’t quite classify them as good or bad, but they hit you, touch you somewhere.

let me give some examples to better illustrate what i am saying –

  1. Natural born Killers
  2. Platoon
  3. Straight Metal Jacket.
  4. Seven
  5. Falling Down.

more recent ones like  Hurt Locker stand out as well. What s the common thread that ties these movies together? go on take a guess?


fight club explores a dark area of the mind, in some sense it  mocks the society today,the way consumerism is consuming all of us.Someone somewhere will snap.Logical isnt it? Take lead. Take charge of the situation – dont judge whether it is good or bad, right or wrong, true or false –  it really wont matter.

David Fincher,pulls out all the tricks from the hat.Excellent editing makes the movie snappy and well paced.Brad Pitt is short of his psycho best.I d like to see the philosophy in the movie apply to him – ie let go – go with the flow…like to see the madness in his eyes..which was Douglas had in falling down or Woody Harrleson in NBK.

That never happens albeit some scenes where he really does well -like in the climax

What I would have done differently –

  • Think some of the fight scenes needed to be cut
  • If Marla never was of any consequence why have her?
  • Bob and boobs totally un cool.

But these are minor tweaking not major flaws.

Overall – good movie, disturbing movie.must watch once, but falls short of collectors item. Will go 4/5.

Your Thoughts?

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