The Plot

A quadriplegic struggle to survive and his greater struggle to chose his own death. Now at the heart of it seems a clear plot.But wait till you see the movie and you will realise there are multiple sub plots pointless characters floating in and out of the screen and some really pointless scenes.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali  you needed answers to the following questions –

  1. What were you trying to make ? A tragedy ? An inspirational movie? An aspirational movie? A Love story ?
  2. When will you get over your Black hangover of using hues of black/peacock blue/and moss green ?
  3. What were you thinking when you were thinking of using characters like Suhel Seth,Naifsa Ali etc. ?
  4. Where has your balance gone between melodrama and subtlety ?
  5. Who the F@#$k  did the editing?
  6. Frame inconsistency.Notice how Hritik and ASh’s faces undergo brightness and darkness.

You know when you make intense movies the first few scenes need to set the mood and the tone of the movie.Take for example

  1. Philadelphia
  2. Anand
  3. Finding Neverland
  4. Nell
  5. Pollock

are some movies which set the mood right in the first few frames. Get the point? Notice the scene construct the build up and the flow as they go about introducing their characters. In contrast Guzaarish does a poor job introducing the characters. And it just does not end there – character get introduced randomly and even late in the movie. It makes the audience suddenly think what was the purpose?

Length of the movie wouldn’t have mattered if they had got the editing right.Sequences look disjointed and tacky cut paste job. Almost felt like the masters gave too much confidence to their interns. Really disappointed on that front. Which leads me to the pacing of the movie. IT is a jerky ride, sometime cuts fast sharp and smooth and sometimes abruptly stops just when you were getting used to the pacing.

The Acting

What were you thinking Sanjay why you cast that buffoon in the movie ?  He cant act for nuts and should stick to barking on news channels. Nafisa Ali thoroughly wasted.She has so much control in her eyes that her role either should have been extended or removed completely.

Shernaz Patel – now she was doing fine till Black – now she is border-lining on overacting. Eyes popping out and all drama baji is beginning to sound jarring and not very pleasant for the iris.Again same advise as SLB – get over BLACK !

Rajat Kapoor – Completely wasted and ill defined character – he has the face of a thinking man – an intellectual – but was made to look like a joker – you should see him trying to mock the euthanasia case in court. Clearly needs help.

and some more side actors  – which are best left unsaid.

Now to the mains –

Aishwarya –   the greatest fear a beautiful woman has is age. Growing old is perhaps what most beauties around the globe fear the most – probably even more than god! I could sense the first signs of aging in Ash  in spite of the sharp makeup. Barring a few loud scenes and the impromptu dance sequence, she has done a fairly good job. Her eyes have done most of the talking – probably needed some better scenes to get the right impact.

Hritik – For me the highlight was the climax. The last scene he really uses inflection, emotion and teases you into tears by his intensity.Clearly, a movie which he has worked very hard – but as the ever unsatisfied director would say- sometimes method kills the madness. Somewhere I felt Hritik’s brilliance  fell short of exploding.

Needless to say he is the highlight of the movie.If SLB is trying to portray HR as  Hugh Jackman  then he has to think a bit more originally alternatively if he made HR have that irritating beard because he has one too – then there s nothing more to say.

Here’s what could have been different. –

For starters, I would have done away with Characters like ash’s husband, omar siddiqui,his father, etc. I would have reduced dramatization and increased subtlety like the rain drop on the forehead sequence was a master stroke…but that needed to be close to the fly on the nose scene.  If he was broke then how come he could afford cardio machine and sophisticated pulley devices to give him a bath. Alternatively, there should have  been a scene where one could have shown his gradual decline of wealth.

not have the radio jockey sequence at all – makes the movie look unrealistic.

would instead have introduced Ash  a bit later in the movie as  a symbol of hope – maybe the new nurse – who finds it conflicting to protect her patient yet want his death yet she induces hope to the death-wishing patient. Their emotional conflict could have been heightened and some brilliant Ash/Hritik chemistry could have been seen.

The court scenes would be out and perhaps shown symbolically or hypothetically.

I wouldn’t touch the ending – the climax was most fitting.

Finally to Sanjay – you are one of the most gifted directors in recent times, and I get a feeling that you are going through an evolution your self. You are in transition and I am waiting to see that perfect movie from you in the near future which can be called flawless. If anyone can do it  – you can. The fact that your movie warranted such a long review is in itself a compliment to you. I really think you have the potential to pull of a movie like One flew over the cuckcoo’s nest…or even a movie like Hours or Eyes Wide Shut or When Nietzsche Wept. Go for it.

Verdict  – Good job with Guzaarish but could have been better. In fact could have been great. But isnt. Hritik in the race to perfection dont forget the careless flair which is also required. I am going to  go with 3.5/ 5 for this effort from Sanjay. Must watch once but maybe not have  a keeps dvd.

One thought on “Guzaarish

  1. I am tempted to read this post but will give it a pass, incase there are any spoilers. Plan to watch it this week. Will be back to comment soon 🙂

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