Idiosyncratic Truth

The recent brouhaha about 3 Idiots  actually reminds me of Tom Rath -Strengths Finder 2.0 –

you cannot become whatever you want by just trying a little harder. you can become far better by trying to be what you already are.
I think it is high time we as a society realize, we need to spend time on the guy who does not know what he wants to do in life and guide him properly either through education or vocation.

The bloke who knows what he wants to do is still better off. It is a mind over matter situation for him.But for those confused, yet talented people, there needs to be a forum where they can be assessed based on their skill set,aptitude and guided accordingly.

True development and optimal utilization of resources will become a way of life,and therefore progress,growth,evolution will take our society to a new level of greatness.That will bring about a true and sustained change in the society.

On a separate note – There was a comment comment about the Movie 3idiots that Mr.Aamir Khan was too old to play the part –

Now picture 3 idiots with Imran Khan [the actor] playing Phunsuk wangdu.Entertainment in the hindi film industry cannot be compared to the western film industry…where the fundamental premise to make a film revolves around making as believable as possible irrespective of the storyline.With massive budgets,and powerful technology most of them come true to their promise.

the hindi film industry,has only recently started it s curve towards maturity…technically,story and acting. the erstwhile over -the-top loud performances,with jarring colors to boot,are not yet passe, we still get a kambakht ishq every now and then, but overall, it is a positive trend.unlike the period between 80’s- to late 90’s when majority were trash.

3idiots can best be described as a socio-comedy.I think at the heart iof it – if the premise is to entertain, then the bracket of acceptance is big.We are a diverse population with diverse interests.A film has to make money,so a bankable star,is a safer bet to pull in more crowds, therefore the role fitment takes a back seat, so instead of an Imran Khan you ssee an Amir Khan play phunsuk wangdu.

Your Thoughts?

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