You know once in a while we come across movies, which people think are great, but they arent actually great.It s just that they are scared to go against populist opinion.Or finding them woefully out of mass consensus.

Inception is one such movie.

Names like Leo/Caine /Page/ nolan  – and the expression how could they go wrong go hand in hand.

The story –  Appreciating Inception for story line is like liking Matrix 1 for special effects. In case you didnt get it – Matrix was supposed to be appreciated for it s concept more, than it s special effects.Matrix was concept movie.Clearly articulated the aim,the object,the process and the resultant action.

Inception clearly, gets too intelligent for it s own good. just because it is Leo Caprio/Chris Nolan does automatically warrant it a cult status.

The warped logic/or the lack of it, is woefully exposed in many disjointed storyline and scenes if you observe closely.

One can argue, it was by design, well in that case it was a bad design.!

Barring some special effects,and some chase sequences, rest of it was passe. In fact quite ordinary.

The starts with abruptness and ends with confusion,one gets a feeling that the writers went in to a loop and did not have an exit strategy.The story goes into deep layers one after the other.

It almost reminded me of nightmare on elm street – which was also revolving around “dream deaths”

Now to the special effects –  barring a couple cgi Paris flips, and some fight sequences…there was nothing aha about it.

What could have been different?

Well the length could have been at least 40mins shorter, and the layers could have been at least two layers light ! The climax with the snow clad mountains in the backdrop could well be deleted. The falling bus in the end had the audience in the theater first growing impatient then had them in splits. Catcalls and comments came from the general audience losing patience in the narrative.

My recommendation for folks who haven’t watched it – keep your patience,and you just might like some scenes, lose it, and you might get out in the interval.

clearly, for me, there was no A-ha in Inception – more so as I learned that they never got to it in the first place.!

I am going to go with 3/5 for this effort.

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