The  Plot –

Set against the apartheid era, where a rejuvenated South Africa is  emerging out of it s tragic past.

How one man’s single minded determination to unite the country wins over the the staunch rivals.

How the Rugby world cup helps unite a divided nation.

The acting –

Morgan – as Nelson was slightly over done I thought – but then I have never seen or met Nelson Mandela so that would be an unfair judgement. Well the point I am trying to make here is that Morgan freeman’s acting is a touch over done and I thought he was a bit too conscious of the outcome. I would have liked to see Nelson Mandela without the American twang and with a south Africa’n accent.

Like what Leo did for Blood Diamond.

Likewise for Matt – I thought he wasn’t natural barring a few scenes. Somewhere I got the feeling he is still in the  Bourne hangover. I was really expecting an inspirational piece of acting or dialog delivery especially since there were scenes custom tailored for a rousing ovation.

Some clunky dialogs let me down. Wanted to hear something of an explosion of passion and sentiment when his team was down and almost out. He needed to do a General Patton or a General Maximus to get the audience goosebumps going.

Overall –

a good watchable movie – but may be not one for keeps. 3/10

Your Thoughts?

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