Karthik Hammering Karthik

Well apart from the “yakeen karo” sequence,most of it was tolerable.!!

Here’s what I liked –

  • Stylised slick presentation.
  • great background score – tittle track is trance like-very good.
  • decent plot

Here’s what I disliked –

  • Farhan Akhtar trying to look cool dude – sorry just not his cuppa.
  • Deepika misfit for the role – thought she was trying to do a Priyanka there..
  • Could’ve been shorter by about 15/20mins.

Here’s what I would ve done differently –

  • Edited the Cochin sequence.
  • Bosses can’t be that loud – whatever happened to employee  harassment?where is HR?
  • If you really wanted to show a bullied/frustrated employee think Mask,Bruce Almighty,Falling Down etc..
  • In fact Falling Down has classic frustration build up scenes.
  • Deepika’s character ultimately is pointless.Remove it.or Shorten it.
  • Turnaround was too quick..I’d have done a crawl ,walk run sequencing to that.
  • travelling from unbelievable to believable path needed to be a bit more subtle.
  • Deepika’s first reaction to farhan’s phone call admission – was pretty flat.I mean you need to be whopping shocked.
  • again very flat scenes there- could say creative liberty..but I thought went against the flow of the movie.

overall- good movie- not a great one.

my rating 3/5

Your Thoughts?

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