Lovely Bones

The first thing that strikes you about the movie is the narration and screenplay.Brilliantly done. This is one movie which you should watch for it s scene construct. Each frame speaks a thousand words.

The first 30 mins. just  capture your attention. But after that some editing is required  to come to the main narrative again. Spectacularly shot and digital imagery is sheer class.  The colors are brilliant and take your breath away.

Some re sequencing required as the story suddenly loses momentum.Windows vista green or xp desktop image  is what Peter Jackson captures your imagination with.!

The Plot –

It is about a serial pedophile/killer right next to your door.Played ever so unassumingly by Stanley Tucci who makes such a departure from the Julie and  Julia role that for a second you almost find him a mismatch. But he does a good job over all nevertheless.I d like to see some twitches or some sort of eccentricity that demanded of the role.

The real star though is Saoirse Ronan – she is beautiful indeed,and not just a pretty face but decent acting skills as well.Reminds of the impact Brook Shields had as a child actor in say Pretty Baby.

Rest of the star cast is ok and chips in every now and then – albeit Susan Sarandon was in a what-was-i-thinking – role. completely wasted.

What could ve been different –

For starters the sequencing needed to get more streamlined, although I have nt read the book, if that is what they were trying to emulate exactly. If so, then i guess the book needed re sequencing.! Essentially the narrative starts off with a bang and really takes you in – and then suddenly for a good 45 mins the story essentially does not progress too much, then again there is some momentum and then it plateau s again.Ending in a slightly disappointing manner especially when you compare it with the first half.

Overall –   one as to watch it  at least once for the spectacular set design of the movie…and of course Peter Jackson.Worth a one time watch for sure.I am going to go with 3.5/5 for this effort.

Your Thoughts?

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